Through Your Eyes


I always find it fascinating to know how others see things. Once you get a description of something, it no longer involves a person seeing something. It now includes interpretation of what was seen. Our interpretation now brings into it bits of how we feel at a time, what our experiences are, what our preferences are.

Now, can you say the same when seeing a picture? I’d say yes. It’s an interpretation of what a person feels is significant. What is beautiful. What is interesting. There are artistic shots and there are just candid , “Ahh this looks nice” shot. I prefer the second one. Though at times, those candid shots makes an artistic picture.

I like looking and observing. You can leave me in a corner and I won’t get bored as long as I see anything interesting. I also do people watching. Perhaps what makes it interesting for me is that a place, a person, even an object had seen things that if only we have the power to replay would show us an intriguing story.  A pen – perhaps used to write a love letter, a death threat, a business agreement? Imagine knowing this things, the history.. just because you touched an object.. or even a person.

Things change when you meet a person who interests you so much. Suddenly, you want to know what they see. You want to be a part of their world. You crave to be a part of them. Even if you are in an engaging environment, it just seemed a bit boring.  Things become monotonous  unless it involves that person. 🙂

An age-old adage says that “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. I get to decide what is beautiful. And in my eyes all these pictures are beautiful. I love them. Maybe because I am in love with the person who took them.

ellen 2

ellen 3

ellen 16

ellen 15

ellen 8

ellen 7

ellen 5

ellen 4

ellen 14ellen 13ellen 12


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