Hongkong Trip 2015 (Day 1)


My friend and I were supposed to go to Thailand for our annual trip. Unfortunately,  a few months before we were able to buy our plane tickets, a bomb scare was reported in Thailand.  As much as I have been looking forward to a trip in Thailand, we had to reconsider. Safety first. So I went looking for another place to visit. My second choice was to visit Cambodia. But when I checked the cost of plane tickets, it was a bit too high for my budget. Also, the schedule of the flights are so far away that we would have to stay for at least 5 days in Cambodia. That is how we ended up in Hongkong. 🙂

Hongkong is not really not in my list of must visit places. Reasons? Well, I don’t really find the country exciting. I have read many accounts of how ‘different’ tourists are treated there. So yeah, not that excited.

Since I was the one in charge of setting up our trip, first thing I had to find is a place to stay. We had to choose a place that isn’t too pricey as we don’t really intend to stay that much. We just need a place to bathe and sleep. I found Cosmic Guest house – http://www.cosmicguesthouse.com. I was initially shocked to see how small the rooms are but I was informed by my friend that is normal. Wow. Anyways, we got a 2 double bed ensuite with street view. Good thing I changed it to double bed. I can’t imagine how small the single bed would be. Here’s how it looks –  http://www.cosmicguesthouse.com/images/stories/rooms/double_win/pano.html

Our first day, we went to The Peak. I searched for the best price on-line and found out about klook. It is a website that offers discounted tickets to attractions in Hongkong. They also have an app that you can use to get more discounts. 🙂 I got our the peak tram 3 in 1 combo for 506 HKD. This includes a guide who took us from Central MTR Exit K to a special lane (skipped the regular line) to take the tram going up. Once we were there, we are given our tickets to go to the peak and another set of tickets for the Wax Museum. I was more excited to see the was museum. Compared to the other visitors who had their pictures taken with the wax figures, I was more amazed at how detailed the figures that I took a close up picture of them. Here are  a few.

IMG_20151016_185315 IMG_20151016_185830 IMG_20151016_190023 IMG_20151016_190303 IMG_20151016_190516 IMG_20151016_191126

Right after, we went to the peak. It is not something I enjoyed. Lol. I’ve seen better view.


After this, we went back to the hotel as we are sooo tired.  Plus we need to go early to visit Disneyland. 🙂



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