Office Demon


I started out really happy with my current work. I had a great boss. The NICEST, MOST SINCERE boss that I had the pleasure to work with. As in genuinely NICE.

I have a pretty diverse group of coworkers who at first I don’t like – they were a bit loud than I normally am – but now love.

My work assignment is stressful but at the same time rewarding. A lot was expected from my group but I do feel  I was able to deliver.

Come the unfaithful day in 2014.

A demon arrived at our work place.

Of course, not the literal demon. But with his ways, thoughts, actions and words, he is quite the same. He made our lives miserable. He is a con artist disguising as a senior officer. So sad that management felt the need to place him in our midst. My super nice boss left. And four more left. Now another one is leaving. In just a span of more than a year, he has ruined a place I was considering as my second home. I have to spend 10 or more hours, 5 days a week, dealing with his evilness.

I wonder how can a person who is blessed with a good work, a relatively good health and wealth (as he often flaunts), can spend much of his time plotting revenge to people who hasn’t done anything wrong to him. Why so vengeful? What’s with all the hate? When he talks and you see his face, you can literally see how bad of a person he is. He can simply ruin your day and yes, your life.

I know that this would end. His reign will end.He will loose his ‘powers’. It’s just sad that my second family had to suffer this much.

Karma should come running to him and give him a big big big hug.








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