Legazpi Trip 2014


News for the past two months is the impending Mayon Volcano eruption. So my friend and I was a bit hesitant to continue our Legazpi trip. I was kinda okay with not going since I’ve already been there but my friend really wants to go. So this week, we went on our 3 day trip to Legazpi.

We got our plane tickets via Cebpac’s piso fare. We paid around Php 1,000 each. I was the one who booked our hotel and I chose Ellis Ecotel which is the same place where I stayed back in 2012. The cost for a twin bed room for 3 days and 2 nights is only Php 3,000 which already includes airport transfers and two breakfast.  Ellis Ecotel is in Embarcadero De Legazpi in the port area. Here’s the room that we got:

IMG_20141016_095322 IMG_20141016_095336 IMG_20141016_100227I was actually suggesting to my friend that we get separate single bed rooms but she wasn’t sold with the idea. The reason why I want to have separate rooms is because the wall of the comfort rooms are made of glass so you kinda see the silhouette of the person inside. Easiest solution is to turn of the lights inside the CR and just open the ones outside. 🙂

When we arrived at Legazpi, the sky was clear and Mayon showed her regal self.


And I think due to the drop in the number of visitors, they make an extra effort to welcome those who decide to come.


Upon reaching the hotel via the van sent by the hotel, we just tidied up and decided to go outside. Unfortunately, it started to rain. So instead of roaming the city, we went directly to one of the recommended foodie place – Small Talk Cafe.

The food there was just as good as I remembered it. We tried their recommended dishes minus the pasta coz I’m just not really into pastas.

Oriental Salad

Oriental Salad

Pinangat (SARAP!!)

Pinangat (SARAP!!)

Kandinga (their version of bopis) and Bicol Express (SARAP!! HOT HOT HOT!)

Kandinga (their version of bopis) and Bicol Express (SARAP!! HOT HOT HOT!)

Pili Nut

Pili Nut

Small Talk is really like a house that was used as a restaurant. It has this homey feel with it. It opens 12 noon ( we were actually the first customer) and the place can sit around 20 person. Just make sure that you are not yet famished when you come here as it usually takes 10 to 15 minutes for your food to be served.

IMG_20141016_105554 IMG_20141016_105559 IMG_20141016_105646

To go here from Ellis, you just have to walk outside where the Legazpi-Daraga jeepneys passes. But since it was raining, we opted to take a trike for Php 60. Here’s a tip. If you plan to hire a trike instead of going walking to where the jeepneys are passing, ask for the help of the guard on the side of the hotels elevator.

After lunch, the rain still have not stopped and actually rained harder. So we have no choice but to go back to the hotel and just rest. It was almost 4 PM but the rain still won’t stop but we were getting bored inside the room so I suggested we go bowling in the mall.


This bowling and billiards place is located inside Embarcadero, just take the elevator down to the ground floor and take the stairs going up to the second floor where the place is located. The place was a bit dusty and seems to have some slow business. Still, we managed to enjoy two rounds of bowling. Enough to make us hungry for dinner.

Since it is still raining, we decided to eat at Biggs Diner. Another popular foodie place in Legazpi. We had a solo serving of their buffalo wings and a serving each of their ribs. Both are sooo good. 🙂





Spicy Buffalo Wings

Spicy Buffalo Wings

After this meal, we went back to our rooms hoping to sleep early as we were scheduled to have our ATV tour the following day. We just hoped that the rain would stop so we can enjoy the tour.

I have contacted Your Brother Travel and Tours for the ATV tour. We were initially just scheduled to do a 45 minute ATV tour using a 150cc vehicle but my friend and I was convinced to just take the two-hour tour going to the lava wall using a much bigger and powerful 350 cc ATV. This costs Php 2,500 and it was worth it! I won’t be posting pics of it here coz it always includes me. But the trip was really worth it. Got a bit sunburned though cause I did not put on any sunblock thinking the sun won’t be shining.

Sun kissed. :)

Sun kissed. 🙂

We ended the tour after 9 AM and we were brought back to our hotel. Before we left, we have already asked if they also offer a city tour. We were offered Php 600 per head for the city tour and we agreed. After all, the staff were friendly and we were treated like V.I.P.s. We were fetched by a Toyota Hilux! 🙂

After taking some rest, taking a shower and choosing where to have lunch, we went out of the hotel, paid a trike for Php 40 to bring us to Sibid Sibid Restaurant. This is another must visit foodie place in Legazpi. We had their sizzling seafood platter, kilawing tanigue and ensaladang gulay. All was sooo good and so cheap! We only paid Php 600 for these spread plus a soda and buko juice.

IMG_20141017_114433 IMG_20141017_115335 IMG_20141017_115343 IMG_20141017_115422

We just asked Kuya Ben, our guide in ATV trail to fetch us in Sibid Sibid so we can start our city tour. Instead, we were fetched by Cyrel who is the son of the owner of the Your Brother Travel and Tours.  We started off by visiting Lignon Hills. Here you can go and visit the man-made Japanese tunnel which was used by the soldiers during the world war. Here we met Idol – the guide- who I noticed was wearing a shirt that says Stop Mayon Volcano Eruption. When I inquired about it, he said that he and the other guide used their own funds to have this printed because they are against the misleading reports on Mayon volcano eruption. They say the city is perfectly safe but due to the news, the tourism industry is suffering. True enough, when we went to do the ATV trail, we only get to see another group and they only availed of the 45 minute trail. They didn’t go to the lava wall.  Personally, I think it is safe to go and travel in Legazpi even this time. Oh well.

In Lignon Hill, you can have a vast view of the city.



Here, you can take a zipline for Php 200. My friend tried it out but not me. I’ve already ziplined when I visited here in 2012.

After Lignon Hills, we went to Cagsawa Ruins. Here some locals offer their services to take some trick shots. I don’t think it has a fixed price they just rely on tips.









When we were roaming around the ruins, a light rain started so we headed for cover and ordered some fruit shakes. Afterwards, we bought some pasalubong from the vendors outside the ruins. I of course got a ref magnet for Nanay’s collection. Some native slippers and a body bag. Body bag goes for Php 100-Php 125. Slippers at 3 for Php 100.

We then proceeded to Daraga Church. I wasn’t able to get here on my first visit so I was glad to do it this time.

IMG_20141017_150330 IMG_20141017_150839


From here, we proceeded to Albay Pilinut to get some pasalubong. The items here are a bit pricey compared to what you get to buy in other places but if you want to get some good quality pili pasalubong, this is  a good place to buy. Items vary from Php 70 to Php 120.

Afterwards, we proceeded back to the hotel but had a side trip to Legazpi Boulevard which has a lot of foodie places. Our guide recommended Zoe’s which we intend to visit for dinner.  That was the end of our city tour.

We just had a quick rest at the hotel and when we were about to go to Zoe’s, it again rained so we opted to have dinner at Seafood Grille which is located inside Embarcadero. Food was good! We had sisig, seafood platter and Camalig pinangat.

IMG_20141017_181301 IMG_20141017_181323 IMG_20141017_181517


After the dinner, we called it a day.

The day of our flight back, we just had breakfast and proceeded to Legazpi market to buy some “regular” pili pasalubong for work. We got those for 3 for Php 100. We also had halo halo at Lana’s halo halo. Another foodie must have. Special only costs Php 50. And yes, as I’ve read, it had a lot of cheese!

IMG_20141018_091224 IMG_20141018_091526


After this, we went to LCC mall to buy more pasalubong. If you will be buying some T-Shirt souvenirs, go get them at Bicol shirts. There’s a small kiosk at LCC mall and a bigger outlet at Embarcadero. Shirts range from Php 100 to Php 150.

This was our last stop and off we go back to our hotel to stuff our pasalubongs in our bags hoping it won’t exceed our baggage check in allowance. 🙂

Even before the trip started, we have already identified our next destination.  A toss between Thailand and Cambodia. 🙂



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