Metro’s Horrible Traffic / Death by Public Transport


The start of the rainy season also means double or triple or at very bad times, quadruple travel time going home from work. During this time do I wish I have already won in the lottery and I could just stay at home or perhaps rent a condo instead of commuting to and from work.

At times, I’d think that it is better to commute, take the bus, train, etc. since it would mean more options for me. Then I have to stay in line for an hour to take an MRT ride or have to hustle to get a bus ride.

Then I decide to take a ride from my sister and we also get stuck in traffic. Worst was two weeks ago wherein we got home at 11:45 PM!

IMG_20141003_230808 IMG_20141003_224429

So I therefore conclude. The only way to not be affected by Metro’s horrible traffic / death by public transport is to stay at home. Either win the lottery or be a bum.  🙂


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