Staycation (test) – Hotel Kimberly


I am having my two week mandatory vacation leave and one of the things I set is to have a staycation with my sister and niece. This is the first time I’d be doing it cause I usually stay in a hotel when I am out on a travel. Deciding where to stay was based on what my companions want…. even if I’m the one to pay. 🙂

Factors that I had to consider in choosing the hotel: (1) not too far ‘coz we would be going to Pampanga in the morning and would need to go back home before going to the hotel; (2) it should be near some establishments (restaurants, mall, etc.) just in case my companions decide that they would want to go out; (3) it shouldn’t be too expensive since it would only be for a one night stay; (4) lastly, the room should have a bath tub ‘coz my niece wants one.

It was quite hard to find a hotel meeting all criteria. But after all the web search, I came across Hotel Kimberly. It is just in Pedro Gil (near the LRT station). It is also near Robinsons Place Manila. It only costs Php 3,230 for a deluxe accommodation. Most importantly, it has a bath tub 🙂 .


We got there around 2:20 PM but wasn’t able to check in at once. The reception was quite busy assisting others and I had to wait for around 10 minutes before they can accommodate me. I was asked for Php 1,000 deposit and was then given a voucher for the free breakfast buffet for two. I’d just have to pay for my niece’s breakfast.


We proceeded to our room and it wasn’t great but wasn’t bad either.

IMG_20141005_145414I only got to take a picture of this on the room since my sister and niece immediately made themselves comfortable. 🙂 Here’s the view from our window.


Our stay there was okay. Nothing memorable. Dinner we had at the hotel wasn’t that good. The soup we ordered, I swear is just knorr soup mix. I know. I’m sure. Breakfast was just okay. At least my niece enjoyed the bath tub in our room. Other than that, I know there’s a lot of other places which would have been better for staycation. And yes, for the same price.

I’d do better in finding a place next time. Much more once I learn how to drive. 🙂


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