The Selfie Craze


Craze (/krāz/) – an enthusiasm for a particular activity or object that typically appears suddenly and achieves widespread but short-lived popularity.

Okay, I guess it is not a craze. Selfie has been going on for quite a while now. I just think it got known more due to social media. Snap. Post. Show. Wherein previously it would have been snap. Go to the Fujifilm center. Develop. Pay. Wait for a social gathering and show it to all who would give you a minute of their time. 
There might be a lot of reason why selfie took off, perhaps the need for us to document those times wherein we feel good about how we look. To still be able to take a picture of yourself against a known tourist attraction while on a solo travel. A means of being in a group photo when you have been the assigned photographer. 
Because of the need, products were born. Those smartphones with cameras at the front. Free apps that make you look flawless. And of course the latest, the monopod built specifically for smartphones. And i got one. 🙂
Another online purchase.

Another online purchase.

This one already got used in Singapore and I would have loved to have this when I went on my solo trip to Vietnam. I got this in Ensogo. Funny thing is a few weeks before I bought this, my co worker got it from another co worker for Php 800. I felt it was a bit too stiff so I said I’d think about it. I browsed my usual online shops and I found it in Ensogo for only Php 450. 🙂 Was a good deal then. But you can get better deal now. Some as low as below Php 200. 
Now let’s see what else will be introduced to fuel the need to share in pictures what we do with our everyday life.

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