Vietnam Solo Weekend Trip – The Plan


This is only the second trip that I would be having for the year 2013 (weekend family trips not counted). The 3rd quarter is almost over and I really need the chance to unwind. Next destination – Vietnam .

And this trip would be short. As in a weekend trip overseas. 🙂 I of course got my plane tickets from Cebu Pacific thru one of their promo fares. Got it for only 30% of the original price. 🙂

The plan. I usually go for a DIY kind of trip but since this is the first time that I would be having a solo overseas trip, I decided against it. Indeed, I was able to go on a solo trip to Singapore a few years back but that was work related so it doesn’t count.

To start planning for the trip, I went to google and search for blogs on Vietnam trips. Getting the idea from some of the blogs I read, I tried first to look for a place where I am gonna stay. Nguyen  Khang Hotel was constantly recommended and it also has a high rating in Trip Advisor (I think ?). I searched and found their website and proceeded to send an email inquiry. The same day or I think the following day, I already got a reply from them. The rooms are affordable – quoted at 23 USD – and so are the trips – ranging from 7 to 12 USD. Aside from getting a room and two day trips, I also requested for airport transfer since I would be arriving at 12:20 AM (HCMC time) and would be flying out at 1:00 AM (HCMC time). By the way, there is a one hour difference between PH and HCMC. PH is one hour advance.

Since I already settled my accommodation, transportation and trip, I then made my budget.  Here’s my budget:

PH Expenses (in PHP)
Dinner   150.00
Taxi to Airport   500.00
Travel Tax    1,620.00
Airport Fee   550.00
Taxi home   1,000.00

HCMC Expenses (in USD)

Taxi to Hotel       30.00
Hotel       69.00. ( 3 nights)
Tour       20.00
Day 1 Lunch         7.00
Day 1 Dinner    10.00
Day 2 Lunch      7.00
Day 2 Dinner    10.00
Pasalubong   100.00 (a must)
Let’s see if I’d be able to keep to this budget or would I be under/ overspending. 🙂


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