Calorie Counting


I like counting. 🙂 Now I added new items to count. My calorie intake.

I have been trying to find a diet regimen that would work for me. I had the no meal after six, the no rice diet, the GM diet. Some worked some don’t. Some is just not suitable to be followed long term. 

When I started with my new work and I had to weigh in during the medical exam, I was shocked with how much I weigh. No actually. Not really. I was expecting it. Bulging tummy and all. The only time I start to loose weight is when I no longer feel good about myself. With the extra pounds and my height staying as is (small), I would look like a midget. I don’t look good. I don’t feel good. And the scale says I’m fat. 

So I went into diet mode again. I downloaded myfitnesspal app in my phone. I computed the number of calories that I should take so I could meet my ideal weight – 1,200 calories a day. One might think that 1,200 calories are a lot and I really wouldn’t go hungry. Not really. Once you become conscious of what you eat, you would know that 1,200 calories is sometimes not enough. 

One cup of steamed rice is already at 240 calories! And you have to eat at least 3 times a day. How about the viand? Your drinks? Snacks? Here’s a sample.


I’ve been counting since the start of this year. And I have already lost 7 kilos. 🙂 And I only felt “starved” on the first week. After I have learned that I need not feel starved if I just plan what I eat and be conscious of what I eat, everything is quite easy. 

I’d be keeping at it ’till I get into my ideal weight. I’m 5 more kilos away. Lol.


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