Am I Cheap?


Am I? 🙂

A few weeks back, I asked my assistant if the two of us are getting lower wages compared to our colleagues. After all, they were all talking about whether to get the Samsung S4 or the Iphone5 whereas the two of us were talking about me getting a Cherry phone Omega HD mobile.

Well, the answer to the wages is No. And so is the question on being cheap. A resounding no. I would just call myself practical. I’m imparting that wisdom to my assistant and she appreciates it (she said so herself).

I just think twice before I buy something for myself. I could just create a diagram / decision tree with all the questions that needs to get a yes before I buy something. First question, Do I need it? Yes? Do I have money for it? Yes? Do I need it now? No (It can wait). Then the buying won’t happen.

Once I decide that I indeed need the item, next question would be what should I get? How about the quantity, quality, brand? Do I buy online or at a shop? Really. Buying for me is like a mini project.

Last was the Cherry Mobile phone. I lost my Lenovo android phone but still have an LG feature phone. So I ask myself, do you really need an android phone? First few weeks, the answer was No. I can still browse the web thru my phone (but it was slow.. my LG is just a basic phone. No 3G). The I had trouble tracking my calorie intake. Then I had a hard time getting directions (no GPS). I can’t take good pics (LG is only 2 MP which I still doubt. Looks like VGA) and taking pics is like automatic for me when I see something interesting.  I can’t do instant researches (work related… seriously). And so the NO became YES. Next question was what phone? I actually considered buying an S3 or just get a Galaxy Tab. Then I looked at the price. Mind says, ” I don’t think so.”

So I did my research. Then I came up with the Omega HD of Cherry Mobile. It has all the features I need. It has the latest Android version. It only costs Php 8,000. Sold! 🙂

I got my phone more than two months ago and so far it suits my needs. Also takes good pics! See here:





And yes, it is HD. 🙂





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