Online Shopping/ Group Buying Sites


I was introduced to online shopping and group buying sites three years back. Ever since, I got hooked. 🙂

Aside from being convenient, if you are diligent in comparing offers from different sites, you would be able to get some good deals.

Here’s a few of what I have bought on line:

group buys

Brewed coffee, cold wax, jelly belly, and a casio watch. Each one I got for less than 20% to 40%  its original price. Aside from these items, I also got a mini hair dryer and a car fix it pen. Aside from products, I also buy some discounted vouchers to some food stalls and restaurants — Sandwich Guy, Bangus, Potato Corner, Jamaican patties and Yakimix.  The last two to be claimed April and May respectively.

Just like in dealing with sellers which have actual stores, you just need to have a bit o f common sense to make sure that you don’t get scammed when you purchase something. Browse each site. They may be offering the same product but sometimes you can see a big difference in pricing. Also, if it’s a product, check what is it’s original price. Don’t easily believe that an item is on sale just because they said so. The casio watch above? I checked time depot’s website to confirm that it is indeed on sale.

Another thing to consider is the payment option. I prefer those that require payment via paypal, pesopay, dragonpay or some other credit card payment facilities. If something goes wrong, you can easily talk to your credit card provider and they will help you with your issues . It would also help if you have a separate credit card that you would use to pay online purchases. Some credit cards also offer additional protection once you use your credit cards online.

Some of the group buying sites that I have tried – TCAT, Cash Cash Pinoy, Metro deal, Ensogo, Plug Deals, Deal Grocer and Deluxe City.

For those who are hesitant to buy online, don’t. Just make sure you read everything about the deal, have the sense to compare and always know the difference of a good buy or a scam.

Enjoy! 🙂


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