Using Credit Card (to your advantage)


I am a computing freak. Yes, computing and not computer. I always compute. 🙂 I am keen on keeping up with my budget and ensuring that I always spend below my means.

My credit cards helps me a lot on this aspect. I use my credit cards not to make impulsive purchases but to extend my purchasing power. How does that work? Quite easy really. You just have to be mindful of what your credit card cut off is. For example, your credit card’s cut off is every 25th of the month and you are billed and asked to pay every 15th of the month. On the 26th of every month, purchase the items that you regularly need (and a few that you just want). That gives you almost 2 months worth of time to gather funds to pay for those purchases. And then goes another cycle. 🙂 And of course not to include those big ticket items that you could get for zero interest with 2 months delayed billing. Just purchased a refrigerator last week with that set up (to the delight of Nanay).

One more thing that I like is earning points for purchases. I just redeemed a set each of GC for Jollibee and Greenwich. That’s two dinner’s worth at our house. Save. Save. Save. 🙂



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