My cousin who works in Sharjah, UAE had her annual leave and visited for a month. Unfortunately, her visit also coincided with one of the worst floodings that our place had due to Habagat. Just a few days before her flight back to UAE, the sun peeked and we were able to go out.

We went to Divisoria so that she can do a bit of pasalubong shopping. As my treat, we went to Wai Ying restaurant for a late lunch. Good thing we chose this place. Food was good!

For appetizer, we had some chicken feet. 🙂 Haven’t had this for a loooong time. It was super soft and tastes real good.



For soup to warm our tummies, we had the asparagus soup.


As usual, when we go to a chinese restaurant, we always order Yang Chow fried rice. Their version is a meal in itself.

Then my other cousin ordered a plate of cold cuts. It was superb!

This dish I forgot the name is but it has pork and 3 kinds of mushroom. Quite good too. Got that gingery flavor. 🙂


Then my cousin wanted this minced shirmp with Taiwan pechay fry. Was good too. You can definitely taste the shrimp.

The real good thing about the meal is it only cost me Php 1,100. For this spread! And the photo doesnt include the last dish plus two orders of buko pandan for dessert. 🙂

Eating out with family is always the best. Looking forward to another one. Perhaps this weekend. 🙂

Wai Ying Restaurant


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