The No Rice Diet =)


2011 was a very stressful year for me. My weight has been very erratic. At times I feel so down that I can’t get food down and at times, I feel a bit hopeful or fed up that I tend to eat a lot. By end of the year, I can no longer fit in my pants and my tummy bulges. A classic fight with my weight.

In as much as I want to go back to gym to help me trim down my weight, I was hesitant ‘coz I’d be going away soon and I wouldn’t want to spend 3 months worth of gym fee and only use 1 month’s worth. So I opted for the other alternative – diet.

I’m not new to dieting. I’ve done the GM diet, before 6 diet, etc. Now I chose to do the no rice diet. Why? I saw how it worked for my colleague and since I can’t really go into full mode of no eating ‘coz of the acidity attacks.

Good thing that my sister also got into the diet mode. She needs it anyways. Much more than I do. Tehehehhe. Anyways, since the year 2012 started, I only ate rice once. That is when we visited Binondo last week. But other than the kiampong cheating, my January had so far been rice free. And I also trimmed down my coffee intake. I only drink coffee in the morning and the rest of the day, I drink tea. Zero calorie drink. Why not? =)

Here’s what I had had the past couple of weeks:

Chinese Lumpia @ Poland Hopia

Lumpiang Ubod @ Robinsons Galleria

Fresh Salad with Creamy Garlic Dressing @ Galleria

Siomai @ Siomai House

CDO Chicken Longganisa and Mixed Veggies

Boiled eggplant, Rellenong Bangus, Bagoong and Banana

So far, I think the diet had worked. My tummy is visibly smaller and so is my sisters. My clothes fit better too. I plan to stay at this diet as much as I can. It works well for me. =) No acidity attacks so far!




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