Binondo Food Trip


Last January 21, two days from the Chinese New Year celebration, two of my friends and I decided to visit Binondo and have a mini food trip. =)

Since I am the one with the most free time due to my work transition, I was assigned to create the itinerary and search for the places we would want to visit. In doing this, other blog sites had been very helpful. Directions were quite easy to plot out by using google map.

Based on the research I’ve made over the net, I got this list of restaurants that seems interesting enough to visit:

  1. Tasty Dumpling
    1. Along Ongpin Street, right side
    2. Specialty – Porkchop with noodles; Hongma (braised pork)
  2. Café Mezzanine
    1. Corner of Ongpin and Yuchengco Street, second floor from Chuan Kee
    2. Specialty – Kiampong
  3. Carvajal Street
    1. Along Yuchengco street (formerly Nuevo), right turn from Ongpin Street, on the right side of the street.
    2. Lots of fruits, weird products, Quick Snack restaurant – Fried Lumpia, Oyster cake, Ku Chay Ah
  4. Sincerity Restaurant
    1. Along Yuchengco Street, after Carvajal street.
    2. Specialty – fried chicken, lomi
  5. Ying Ying Restaurant
    1. Along Yuchengco Street, after Dasmarinas Street
    2. Specialty – Siomai, Egg tarts
  6. Dong Bei Dumplings
    1. Dulo ng Yuchengco Street, left turn from Ongpin street
    2. Specialty – Dumplings (syempre)
  7. Estero Fast Food
    1. After Mr. Ube Noodle House
    2. Specialty – Seafood and Frog legs. (hehehheeh)
  8. Salazar Bakery
    1. Along Salazar Street
    2. Specialty – hopia
  9. Quan Yin Chay Food Garden
    1. Dulo ng Salazar Street
    2. Specialty – Vegetarian dishes
  10. Su Zhou
    1. Along S. Padilla Street
    2. Specialty – Xiao Long Bao, stir fry beef, scallion pancakes
  11. Ang Tunay na Beef House
    1. Along S. Padilla Street, after Su Zhou
    2. Specialty – beef (heheheheh) mami
  12. Ma Mun Look (Masuki)
    1. Along Benavidez Street
    2. Specialty – mami and big siopao (nakakain na ko dito. Masarap nga. )
  13. Happy Veggie Health Food
    1. Along Masangkay Street
    2. Specialty – Veggie Dumplings, Tofu in bbq sauce
  14. Wan Chai Tea House
    1. Along Benavidez Street
    2. Specialty – Crab sotanghon roll
  15. Po Heng Lumpia House
    1. Along Quintin Paredes Street
    2. Specialty – lumpia

Based on this list, my friends and I think we can’t really eat at all this places for just one day. So we chose only 4: Dong Bei Dumplings, Cafe Mezzanine, Estero and Wan Chai.

We met at the Binondo church at 9 AM. Better to start early! From San Lorenzo Ruiz church (Binondo Church), we proceed to Ongpin street which is just on the right side of the church if you are facing it. Straight down the street, you will see Cafe Mezzanine on the right side.

The signage before you get into the stairs. The cafe is on the second floor.

Here, I ordered kiampong and Gokong. Yummy!

Kiampong – salty, sticky, yummy (Php 50)

Gokong – artery clogging yumminess (Php 150)

The kiampong pairs real good with gokong. Gokong is pork knuckles that were simmered for so long that the meat, tendons and whatever there is in the knuckles are sooo soft. See here:

After this meal, we went back to Ongpin and walked to Carvajal Street to look for mushrooms and other items that the place has.  I was able to buy one pack of dried shitake mushroom for only Php 150. My friend and I each took half of it. We also spied on this jars of different snacks. Looks so colorful and seems yummy. We didn’t buy any though.

At the end of Carvajal street going to Quintin Paredes, we met the lion dancers!

After watching a bit, we went to Dong Bei Dumplings. =)

Dong Bei

Here, we just ordered a platter and shared. We were still full to buy separate items. The cool thing is they only made the dumplings when we ordered. Talk about freshly made.

Rolling the dumpling doughs

Newly steamed dumplings.  (14 pieces @ Php 100)

My friends loved the dumplings that they ordered fried dumplings for take out.

After our meal, we went to Salazar Street. I was specifically looking for Po Chuan Tin Bakery ‘coz I want to buy some of their hopia. Unfortunately, they don’t have any! All they have are tikoy and all this other items that I guess are staples in chinese new year celebration. Sad. Since I can’t buy hopia there, we looked for Salazar bakery. This time, my google map research failed me. Salazar bakery wasn’t in Salazar street! It is along Ongpin street. Good thing they got this huge signage:

I bought a lot things here to take home. I highly recommend their buchi! Sadly, I was still not able to buy monggo hopia ‘coz it wasn’t available till 3 PM! Haissst..

From Salazar bakery, we were still too full to go to Estero to have our lunch. So even if it’s already 12 noon, we opted to go to Tabora first to buy some cloth that my friend needs for a monkey costume of her son. =) Along the way, we bought broccoli and some other stuff. We were also able to buy some “hairy” cloth suitable for a monkey costume. Costs Php 220 per yard (marked down from original of Php 250).

We then had lunch at LGA fastfood at Estero. One of my friend was hesitant to eat here. Lol. I understand her. It doesn’t look so clean. =)

Here’s what we got:

Oyster Cake

Frog Legs!

We also ordered some beef with broccoli and yang chao fried rice. All of those plus a liter of soda only costs us Php 500. =)

After this, we already called it quits. We are sooo full! Not to mention sweaty and tired. Binondo was fully packed on that day and the mood is quite festive. We made our last stop at Masuki mami house to buy their huge siopao and we already called it a day.

Based on my list, there are still a lot to be discovered in Binondo and I’m already gearing up on when to visit next. =)


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    • Unfortunately, we were not able to finish all the food we ordered. Half, laging for take out. =)
      Hey, nice pics on your blog!

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