Survival of the Fittest produces Sycophant


With the recent buy off of our company by a competitor, employees had scrambled to make sure that they stay on board or get a better part on the deal. Meetings are usually attended by a lot of groups, each one trying to position themselves in such a way that the new management will see their value.  It’s the battle for survival.

I really don’t like to be in the midst of this since I’ve been there, done that and no longer interested in doing it again. Albeit, it was  different scenario but still, rather than fight, I chose to flee.  I’ve been in too many situations wherein I am not given any chance to decide but rather was thrown into a situation where I am supposed to just accept and live with. Now, I changed that. I’m still  a bit scared about it but I think it’s for my betterment.

Now, with the decision, I would be leaving colleagues, or the Kids as I call them. I have explained to them why I need to go. Explained, even if technically, I don’t owe them an explanation. All professed that they understand and don’t see it as an abandonment. Hhhhhmmm.. But there is this one kid who is acting weird.  All of a sudden, she is at the beck and call of the boss.  Acting secretive and seems to be making efforts to exclude me in the things they do. WTH? Of all the kids, this is the one that I took under my wing.  Sad to see that to survive, she seems to be willing to kiss @$$ now.  Hope she realizes what’s going on before she morphs into this other person.

I shouldn’t really care. I’m going away anyways. But still…


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