DIY Bacolod Trip (Day 3)


In as much as I wanted to visit more places in downtown Bacolod before my flight back home, I just had to skip it and stay at my hotel.

Due to the very tiresome day 2 of my trip, I woke up with very sore muscles and a bit of a fever. I stayed in bed only getting up to eat a bit of breakfast, tidy up my things and take another dose of medicine.

Fortunately for me, an hour before I am supposed to leave the hotel, I was feeling a tad better. I immediately got ready and checked out of the hotel. I took a ride going to Robinsons Mall where the Nyala vans are parked. Getting a bit soaked in rain, I was almost running towards the parking space where the vans should be located but was told by the Nyala staff that the van had already left. Apparently, they have specific times wherein the vans are there. The next schedule was way off and would cause me to miss my flight. As suggested by the woman, I took another jeep ride going to the Ceres bus liner terminal and next to that is the terminal where other Nyala vans are waiting for passengers. I arrived at the airport an hour before my flight. Just enough time to check inn, get my boarding pass, drink coffee and eat.

There goes my first solo trip. Does the experience made me think twice in traveling alone? Nope! I’m planning a one week solo trip to Bicol Peninsula. I’ d try to cover at least 3 of the 6 provinces there. =)

Anyways, here’s my expenses for my last day in Bacolod:

Fare to Robinsons 7
Fare to Ceres Terminal 12
Van to Airport 35
Terminal Fee 200
Coffee at the airport 75
Shuttle -NAIA 3 to EDSA 20
LRT 15
Tricycle 14

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