DIY Bacolod Trip (Day 2)


My day 2 in Bacolod started very early. I woke up at around 5 AM and went down the reception lobby to ask if there are any 24/7 convenience store where I can buy some water. I was so tired on day 1 that I didn’t bother to got to SM to buy some items that I need. I was told that there is one. Called Munsterriffic. I think this is Bacolod’s version of Ministop or 7/11. The instructions given to me by the reception lady is that I go out of the hotel and just stay on the right side. =) Since the instruction wasn’t so clear and I got several other directions when I asked some early risers I met on the street, I end up wandering the streets of Bacolod in the wee hours of the morning. Cool!

Wandering along Bacolod streets

Getting a bit tired and confused with different directions, I decided to have my breakfast on the first establishment that I saw. A 24 hour McDonalds. Got myself a big breakfast meal and I was only asked to pay Php 90. Weird. I know that their big breakfast costs like Php 120. Anyways. Coffee!!! The thing I need to clear my mind.

Big breakfast! Less the strawberry jam. None was served.

After breakfast, I asked the crew for fresh directions on where I could find this convenience store. Fortunately, I was given some good directions and was able to buy my 2 liters of mineral water. I went back to the hotel, took a shower and backpack in tow (including the 1 1/3 liter of mineral water) I went out again to go to Mambukal resort. This time, I asked a different receptionist and got specific instructions on how to find the buses going to Mambukal resort. She instructed me to find a shopping-libertad jeepney to take me to the terminal. From the terminal, I would just need to take the bus and it will go directly to Mambukal resort. In no time, I was able to ride a jeepney but had to stop the jeep and run back to the hotel ‘coz I left my cellphones. Hmp!

After retrieving my cellphones, I took a jeepney ride again. I was brought to this jeepney stop going to Murcia. When I checked with the driver, he advised me not to take his ride coz it doesn’t go directly to the resort. He said I could just walk to the corner of the street ‘coz buses going to the resort passes thru there. I only took like 5 steps when someone started calling me “Day, Mambukal?” I looked back and there it is… the bus to Mambukal.  Yay!

Murcia Municipal Hall

After an hour of travel, we finally reached Mambukal resort. I paid Php 30 for the entrance fee and walked a few meters to get to the different facilities.

It was still early and there wasn’t much people around. Here’s some of the pics.

Pang wallpaper shot. =)

After wandering around a bit, I was approached by one guy and asked if I’d be going to the seven falls and if I would need a guide. I said yes and then I asked him to be my guide. His name is Junjun. We started off trekking and wow what a trek it was. I thought that since it is already a resort, the trail won’t be so hard. But was I soooo wrong. It took much will power to reach the seven waterfalls and I’m proud to say that I did reach each and every one of them. =) The trail was so tricky that sometimes I even wonder where we would be passing ‘coz there is no path! We even had to pass thru at least 3 or 4 streams to continue.

Easiest part of the trail

And finally, the falls. Some might look like the same but this are different waterfalls. The only one that we did not see is the 4th one ‘coz the guide said that the trail going there is blocked by some fallen rocks.

First waterfall

Third waterfalls

Fifth waterfalls

Sixth waterfalls (Most take a swim on this part)

Finally, the seventh waterfalls

Junjun told me that there is actually 12 waterfalls but they are located way above the mountains and only experienced mountaineers can reach them ‘coz of the much more treacherous trail. It was already noon when we went down. I gave the guide his fee …no fixed amount required but just remember how hard they work to keep you safe. =)

Wanting to make sure that I would still have enough time to go to Silay City, I forego having lunch at one of the places outside the Mambukal resort. Instead, I just bought a soda and ate the “pabaons” of older sister. Good thing! =)

After an hour of rainy travel, we reached Bacolod City. I took another jeepney ride (bata-libertad) to go the Ceres bus terminal. Opposite that terminal is another terminal wherein you can take a jeepney ride going to Silay City.

Upon reaching Silay City, I used the map for walking tour of silay that I got from one of the travel bloggers. I started out at Bernardino Jalandoni house museum. I love museums! Whenever I travel and there’s a museum there, it would be included in my itinerary.

By the way, fee here is Php 50. After leaving the museum, I crossed the street and walked along Rizal Street. On the third street, you would see San Diego Pro Cathedral

San Diego Pro Cathedral

I said a little prayer for letting me visit the place and for keeping me sane from all the events that had happened the past few months. =)

The cathedral is just across Silay public park and you can also see the El Ideal which is just a few meters away. I wanted to visit Hofiena ancestral house and Balay Negrense but the skies looks like it is ready to rain. So I went directly to El Ideal to have some snacks and buy some pasalubong.

Houses along Rizal street on the way to El Ideal

At El Ideal, I ordered their batchoy and some guapple pie.


Guapple Pie

The batchoy and guapple pie is just okay. Nothing out of the ordinary. I think I’ve tasted a lot of other noodle soup dishes that is way better than what was served here. Anyways, it’s just for experience. Hehehehe. While eating, the rains poured! Good thing I’m already inside the store.

After the snacks, I bought several El Ideal items for pasalubong.

Pasalubong items

Seeing that the rain has no plan of stopping and feeling very tired and achy from my trekking earlier that day, I decided to go back to Bacolod City already. I took a ride going back to the terminal. From the terminal, I took another jeepney ride going to SM. Upon reaching downtown, I went to SM and bought a Maskarra shirt. I was looking at the restaurants there,  hoping that I would find one that serves cansi. Unfortunately, wasn’t able to find one. So I went out and proceeded to eat at Manokan country (again).  After dinner, I went around the tiangge shops but didn’t find anything nice. Went back to my hotel, took a pain reliever and went to sleep.

It was a long and tiring day!

Here’s my total expense for that day:

Mineral water (2 liter) 52
Breakfast – McDo 90
Fare to terminal 7
Fare to terminal (again) 7
Bus ride to Mambukal 35
Entrance Fee – Mambukal 30
Tip to Guide 200
Soda 20
Bus ride back to Bacolod 35
Fare to Ceres terminal 7
Fare to Silay 12
Entrance Fee – Jalandoni 50
El Ideal snack 98
Pasalubong – El Ideal 380
Fare to terminal 12
Fare to Bacolod Downtown 7
Shirt at SM 250
Dinner at Manokan 130

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