DIY Bacolod Trip (Day 1)


It was the day of my first solo trip and I’m ready to go.

Since this is a budget travel, I made sure that I did not utilize cabs as fare for this mode of transportation is much higher as compared to its alternative. Coming from Caloocan, I took the LRT1 going to EDSA station. At the LRT1 EDSA station, I used the overpass and crossed the rails going to MRT. Once there, you need not enter the MRT station but just proceed and go to the opposite side of EDSA. The loading area of shuttles/buses going to NAIA3 is located in the large parking area just near the MRT stairs. You would just have to pass McDonalds.

From there, I was able to get a shuttle ride going straight to NAIA3.

Inside the shuttle going to NAIA 3

The traffic wasn’t clogged so we were able to reach the airport in a short time. The shuttle will drop you off at the arrival area of NAIA 3. Just enter at the door located at the right most side. From there, walk straight till you see the sign pointing you to the elevators. Take the elevator and alight at level 3 to get to the check in counters.

After checking in, I went to Ministop and got myself a drink. Older sister bought me some snacks and sandwiches to bring to my trip so no need to buy anymore. After eating my ham and cheese sandwich and drinking my juice, it’s time to go. I went to the usual procedure and proceeded to the designated gate of my flight.

Unfortunately, my flight was delayed for an hour. I’m already having doubts if I could push thru with my itinerary wherein I should go to the ruins after arriving at Silay. At 3:30 PM (instead of 2:25 PM), my flight reached Bacolod Silay Airport

Bacolod-Silay Airport

I approached the tourism booth just outside the arrival area of the airport. Got some brochures and made sure I got the one for Mambukal Resort. =)

Outside the airport, I went direct to the Nyala van that is on the right side of the parking area (if you are facing the airport). When I got to the van, there was only one passenger waiting. After around 10 minutes, I was advised by the Nyala van driver that I might want to take a cab since they would have to wait for other passengers before they go to  Bacolod City. I told him that I’m on a budget trip and would rather take other public transpo. When he gave me the instructions on how to go to the city via a tricycle and jeepney, it seems that I would incur more costs too coz there’s not a lot of people going out of the airport and I would probably have to pay for a special trip on the tricycle. Fortunately, another Nyala van that came from Bacolod City arrived and I was told that it will go back to the city without waiting for other passengers. Great!

Nyala Vans (Airport to Bacolod City and vice versa) for Php 35 only

Once inside the van, I asked the fare collector (konduktor) wherein Bacolod should I alight if I’m going to Check Inn Pension. I also asked what if I’d go directly to the Ruins. Good thing is that their terminal is on the same place wherein I should get a tricycle ride in going to the Ruins. Yay! So after 45 minutes of travel, I was already in their terminal. I crossed the street to go to the Ceres bus terminal and on the right side of that are the tricycles that you can hire going to the Ruins.

Since I’m alone, I had to pay Php 40 for the ride. The Ruins was such a nice place. And it has very nice staff too! One of the Manongs might have noticed that I was alone and was only taking pictures of the place. He approached me and told me that he would take pictures of me so I would have a souvenir of the place. Really nice!

The Ruins

The second floor

There are better pictures taken but I’d just include this ones. =)

After the photo op and looking at every nook of the place, I decided to go back to my hotel. The good Manong told me to just wait for a bit so that one of their staff could go with me since I am alone and it’s already dark. The Ruins staff who accompanied me was Mars. He was also nice and acted as my tour guide. He gave me some info of some of the buildings and places that we have passed while on our way to SM. By the way, Check Inn Pension was near SM and Manokan Country. Since I’m already famished, I decided to go directly to Manokan Country and I asked Mars to come and have dinner with me.

As suggested by Mars, we went to Aida’s stall at Manokan.  Here’s what we got:

Pecho and Chicken Intestine (forgot what it is called there)

Talaba! =)

Each table also have their own bottles of sauces. Soy sauce, Oil drippings of chicken and Vinegar. The vinegar bottle, I would love to take home! Lol.

For an order of 3 cups of rice (Mars ate 2 not me! Lol!), 2 orders of Pecho, 1 chicken intestine, 1 big plate of oysters, 1 sprite and 1 mineral water, I only had to pay around Php 270! Imagine that. Cheap but yummy dinner! And I of course ate with my hand just like the locals did. See how happy my plate looks like after.

I ate like 90% of the oysters! =)

My itinerary calls that I go to Calea and then visit San Sebastian Cathedral. But I was really really tired. So I opted to go to the public plaza wherein there are tiangges erected as part of the celebration of the Maskarra festival. I did not take pictures there as advised by Mars.  Says it’s a bit too crowded and it’s not that safe to be showing your things.

Mars accompanied me in looking for my hotel and made sure I got checked in before he left. A really nice guy!

The room I got in Check In Pension is for a single standard air-conditioned room. When I emailed them to get reservation and was quoted for Php 650 per night. Quite cheap! But to my surprise, I was only charged Php 1,000 for 2 nights! Yay! Seems they gave me their promo rate. =) The room is just right. Quite spacey if you ask me. I got my own CR and a cable TV. Here’s how it looks:

The hallway looks a bit scary but not really. =)

The lobby at the 3rd floor

The first day of my Bacolod trip is done and I got ready to sleep coz I planned to wake up early for my Mambukal Resort visit.

On my first day, here’s my total expenses:

Tricycle to LRT1                         14
LRT to EDSA                         15
Shuttle to NAIA 3                         20
Terminal Fee                       200
Nyala Van to Talisay                         35
Tricycle to Ruins                         40
Entrance Fee to Ruins                         60
Tricycle going out                         20
Jeepney fare to Manokan                         12
Dinner @ Manokan                       270
Hotel Accommodation (2 nights)                     1,000

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