Yakimix – Greenbelt 3



Last friday, my friend invited me for dinner at Yakimix located in Greenbelt 3. It was in celebration of her promotion. Finally! =)

It was my first time eating at Yakimix and it was such a delight! I enjoyed their different makis:

We also grilled some fresh meats and seafood. It’s what differs Yakimix with the other buffet restaurants. I would have enjoyed this grilled food better if I know how to make a better dip. =)

We also had some of their pre cooked dishes which I wasn’t able to take pics of. Nothing stood out really in terms of taste. =)

After that, the desserts!  I started out with their version of blueberry cheesecake which is a flop. No cream cheese there. Boo! I also got some orange slices to cleanse my palette.  Lol.

Second part of my dessert is some ice cream that has much more toppings than the actual toppings. Yum!

All in all, I’d say Yakimix is good for its price. I’d love to go back here with my sisters. Yakimix will get a run for its prices. Hehehehhe



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