Save to Travel Mode =)


Before the “major event” that disrupted our lives, I was able to get a round trip ticket to Bacolod via Cebu Pacific’s piso fare promo. It only costs Php 380! Now that we are almost on the 6th month of the aftermath of the “event” and given that things are far from normal, I’m having second thoughts on whether it’s a good idea to travel. But really.. seriously..I want! I just feel that a change in surroundings and a few days by myself would help me face more of this events.

Now, my major issue is that I wouldn’t want to neglect my financial duties/responsibilities just because I’d be going away. So the only way to do it is go on a tighter budget for the next few weeks so I could scrape some financing for my trip. And now I’m going on my second week of my lunch via SMS. It’s a good idea coz it only costs me Php 35 to 40 per meal. So that’s Php 150 savings per day. =)

Lunch on SMS isn’t really that bad. Here’s what I’ve had so far:

Tokwang baboy at pakbet (weird combination no? =))


Chicken curry. Now when I had this one, I had a major headache in the afternoon. I don’t know if its related but I won’t be ordering this one again. Anyways, its curry taste is a bit too lame for me.


Pork chop and pakbet. They even packed some spicy vinegar for the porkchop.


Laing and skinless longganisa plus the spicy vinegar dip.

These lunches are delivered directly to work, packed in styros with matching spoon and fork. Convenient and cheap. =)

I’ve got a week and a half to go till my trip and it seems I’d be able to save up enough to do the things I’m planning. I’m going to Bacolod!! =) Been working on my itinerary and directions. This is my first solo trip so I am soooo excited and nervous. Heheheh



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