Lunch Dates with Nanay =)


This had been a very stressful year so far. For all those things that have happened, I know Nanay is the one who have to endure a lot. To make sure that she gets the break she deserves, I have made it a point to bring her out on lunch dates every payday. =)

The last two places that we have visited – Masuki and Jatujak.

This is the second time that we have visited Masuki. It is located in Benavidez street in Binondo Manila. It is a very old place and so is its servers. But don’t be fooled. They are quite efficient in what they do and are very corteous too. We ordered their special mami – with chicken, beef and wanton- plus their big sized steamed buns.

This one is best eaten with the asado like sauce that comes wirh it. Nanay however, prefers it plain with a bit of fish sauce. By the way, one order is good for two already specially if you would be ordering other items.

Quite big! =) And look at the fillings

See? Compare that to the filling of those siopao you get to buy in other places.

Nanay likes to visit this resto since she craves the flavor that she have tasted when she was quite young. Decades younger! =)

Last payday, I asked Nanay to go to a different place. We went to MOA. Thanks to the railway system, it’s not as far as it should be from our home. We had a nice time just doing some window shopping. And when it was time for lunch, I was able to convince Nanay to have lunch at a Thai restaurant that I have recently seen a review of. Jatujak (pronounced Cha-tu-chak).

We ordered bagoong rice. This one is served on the side with chopped red onions, sliced scrambled egg, adobo style pork and some shredded green mango. One order is good enough for two. I was actually ordering a separate jasmin rice for Nanay but the server was nice enough to advise that one order would be enough for both of us.

We also got the “safe” viand (meaning, not spicy). Pork satay. It comes with a vinegar like dip with chopped green chili and red onion.

Nanay wanted some soup like dish and so I suggested to get one of the sour soup dishes but nope, Nanay likes to have the beef noodle soup. Of course, we got that.

Good thing we got this one as it turns out to be very good!

Now, where should our lunch date be for the next payday? =)


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