Smiley ‘s Wings & Waffle (for a bit of a smile)


I’ve been having a crappy day today. Waking up earlier than needed to the “thing” that’s been bugging us for 4 months on the running now, my day started not so nicely. Plus it’s a monday so it’s a given.
Didn’t get to eat breakfast.Traffic had been horrible. Got to work later than usual. Hmp. Bad day.
Then at work I see this file of cartons blocking my way to my table. Seriously kids, your yaya’s and your maids are not here at work. Don’t think that someone would pick up after you. Seriously!
Then lunch time came and the headache slowly crept up.. And it decided to stay till later today.
Being bummed out, having a crappy day and getting an intense headache, I decided to go out of the office and go to the mall.
I visited Smiley’s! I’ve seen this place in one of the group buying sites but I didn’t avail of any of their coupons since I haven’t tried their food yet. Ahhh too bad. Coz the waffles are good! The place was also on a secluded portion of the mall so I decided to eat there and not get my food for take out.

You could actually create your own waffle but I don’t have much time to do it..

I got myself, Sweet Sari. It’s waffle topped with mango, strawberry (but I switched to banana), ice cream, choco chips, chocolate syrup and strawberry syrup. Yum!

The waffle made me smile but my headache decided to stay so I took some meds already. Oh well. At least I got to have some yummy snack. And smiled a bit. =)


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