Payday Buys =)


It’s payday! Actually it was yesterday for us since our payroll gets credited earlier than usual. In as much as I am on a tight budget now due to the medical emergencies in the family in recent months (Hoping and praying there won’t be anymore! Please?!? =)), I still want to “reward” myself a bit. So here’s what I bought myself.

First off, earphones. Lol. My earphones got busted coz I accidentally rolled my chair over it. I went to electronic botique coz I usually buy my earphones there. Got this one for Php 199

Then since the cover of my mug have left me ages ago when it went crashing down when I was washing it, I went to Japan Home to get a new one. I really wanted to get this mug…

..but when I asked for a new stock, I was told that this is the only one remaining. And it has a crack on its cover. Sad! Anyways, I settled for this one.

Cute right?

Ahhh sometimes you just have to enjoy the simplest things in life. Or else.. heheheh


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