Zubuchon! =)



I’m not really fond of lechon. I mean it’s not that I don’t like it. It just doesn’t rank as one of my fave food. But when Mr. Marketman of the well-known food blog Market Manila  announced that he will be opening a Zubuchon resto, I know that I should just visit it.

Fortunately for me, almost a month from the resto’s opening, I was asked to do a work related visit at Cebu. Yay! What a good timing. Must do on my list is to visit Zubuchon. =)

The visit was only for 2 days 1 night. And the two days was packed with lots of client visits. Since I’m worried that I might not be able to visit the resto due to my hectic schedule, my co-worker and I opted to stay at Mango Park Hotel which is just like 3 or 4 blocks away from Zubuchon. Hehehhe. My co-worker is also keen to visit the resto coz she is a lechon lover. She even made sure that I have a dinner reservation on our first day. And of course I did. The worst would be to visit the place and be told that its full and we won’t be accommodated.

On our first day, it was indeed a full packed day. I even went to Naga which is quite far from Cebu City. I got back to the hotel at around 5:30 PM. I’ve got reservations for 7 PM. And so when my co-worker arrived, off we go to have our lechon fix. And boy, are we on for a lechon overload treat. Hehehe.

We both ordered our zubuchon plate, it comes with rice,  hefty serving of Zubuchon and some atchara (pickled papaya).

Of course the zubuchon is a must on my list. I want to know how different it tasted comparing to some of the other lechons that I have tasted. Also on my must try is the Iba (kamyas) shake.

Just the zubuchon plated meal and the Iba shake is enough for dinner. But no, since we’re worried that we might not be able to visit again the following day and wanting to sample as many dishes as we can, we still ordered two more entrees:

Lechon Sinigang

and Slow Cooked Adobo.. I’m quite intrigued with how Mr. Marketman explained how it is cooked. I actually want to try to cook it but I know I’m still too inexperienced with cooking and wouldn’t be a good idea to do it. Maybe a year from now. =)

While waiting for the food, I of course took photos of the place. It is not that big, it can probably accommodate 20 people in one sitting. But I like the fact that I see the lechon being chopped. The place is also neat. And the Zubuchon logo is just cute. Heheheh


These condiments let you create your own dip. The one on the right most is the chili oil. I bought a small bottle so I can have one at home. I’m keeping it just for myself. Hehehhe

That’s your Zubuchon getting chopped. =) The fridge contains the fruits for your shake and some frozen Zubuchon for take out.

And then it was chow time! Here’s my take on each dish:

1. Zubuchon – being no expert in lechon, I’d still say this is one sinfully yummy dish. Hhhmm well, I think not that sinful ‘coz the meat is not that fatty. Just the right amount to make sure you don’t get some dry meat. It’s quite flavorful too. I made a vinegar, soysauce and chili oil dip but didn’t use it till I’m half way with the lechon ‘coz I want to savor its natural taste. Two thumbs up!

2. Iba Shake – this I super love. I am a fan of the non conventional shakes. And this one just gives you that refreshing taste. It isn’t too sour and not too sweet.. Just the right blend that goes very well with the main dishes. Four thumbs up!! (Borrowed someone else thumb! Heheheh)

3. Lechon Sinigang – nice I’d say. I would have wanted it to be more sour but I still enjoyed it thinking that this is how the recipe should taste. It’s fascinating that the lechon skin is still crunchy even if its already in a soup. Adn there’s no mistake that the meat in the dish is still lechon. Flavorful!

4. Slow Cooked Adobo -ahh finally. That is how it tastes like. The meat and the fat really does melts in your mouth! I would have loved this if it’s a bit less salty. But dipping it in vinegar helped a lot. Lol. I wonder why it had been salty.. I remember that this doesn’t use any soysauce but only vinegar. Hhhmmm…

Needless to say, it was a very satisfying meal. My mind was screaming gluttony! Lol. Hay.. Imagine all those food for just two person. We were so full that we opted to walk back to the hotel just to try to burn a bit of the calories piled in our system.

The following day, we had some canceled meetings and so we got some extra time to go to the mall. When we were already thinking of where to have our lunch, my co-worker said we better go back to Zubuchon and try some of their other dishes. And so off we go..

Our orders:

Lechon Dinuguan

Adobong kangkong with chicharon

and of course my pineapple mint shake

So here’s my take on each dish:

1. Lechon dinuguan – this is one version of dinuguan that adds coconut milk. I’m not much a fan of this version. I prefer either the vinegary kind or the spicy kind. Still, I like this dish. Not as much as I would a spicy version but still yummy.

2. Adobong kangkong – I like this dish since only the kangkong leaves were used. In other restos, it’s so typical for them to use up to the not so tough part of the kangkong. The chicharon also adds a different texture to the otherwise soft dish.

3. Pineapple mint shake – Yummy but I would prefer the Iba shake anytime of the day. Hehehhe

So if you guys get to visit Cebu, call them and have a reservation. There’s many other dishes to try to I would once I get to visit again.

One Mango Mall
Mango Avenue, Cebu City
Tel. +


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