Healthy Harvey = Yummy!


Whenever I go to the grocery, I like to buy and try out new items that are being offered. One time, I bought this hotdogs that are made of fish.  I forgot the brand, but since it looks good and the idea of eating healthier (ehem!) is appealing to me, I bought one pack home. When tatay cooked it for me, it tasted blah! Lol. I don’t know we weren’t able to cook it the right way but hey, how else do you cook hotdogs? Anyways, it did leave a bit of an after taste.

With that experience, I wasn’t that keen on trying out the hotdogs offered by Healthy Harvey. But since one of the “kids” here at office seems to like it, I tried it as well. Good thing I did. I love it! It doesn’t have that weird aftertaste and it was really meaty. The first time I tried it, I asked for some jalapeno, pickle relish and spicy mayo. The second time, I asked for the same toppings but this time with bbq sauce and hot sauce. Spicily delish! 😀 For the price of only Php 58, good enough for lunch or a heavy snack! Try it!


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  1. I’ve tried it as well and liked it too. No fishy aftertaste and meaty just like a regular hotdog. I went back the stall at robinson’;s galleria 2 days ago, sad to say, they’ve closed down. would you happen to know their contact number? would like to order for my children’s baon and snack

    • That’s true. It’s just like any regular hotdog. And yes, the stall in Galleria is already closed. Just noticed it last week. Unfortunately, I don’t know their website or any other stalls near Ortigas. Do try to check Galleria’s supermarket. I think they have the hotdogs in their cold cuts section. 🙂

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