Bohol Trip (Balicasag and Virgin Island)


The second day of our tour is supposed to be dolphin watching. Unfortunately, the night before, it rained hard so it slimmed the chances of us.  On the day of the tour, we were advised that since Bohol bee farm is a bit far from where the boat is docked, we would be fetched by a motorcycle. I said okay but it turned out that it is more of a scooter and me and my companion was expected to be squeezed in with the guide driving the motorbike. Hayyy. What a way to start the day. After 15 minutes of bumpy ride, we got into a neighborhood like place and we entered a place going to the place where the boat is. I knew this part of the trip won’t be nice as compared to the first one. I just had that feeling. First off, the guide was very very unhelpful. He didn’t even assist us in our things when we were walking towards the boat. Once we reached the boat, they didn’t even help us get in. We were the ones who put the stairs down so we can haul ourselves aboard. Ahhh their chances of getting a tip was starting to slim down.

Before we left for the trip, Bohol bee farm set us up with a packed breakfast. The box was cute but after a bumpy, squeezed ride, trekking to ankle deep water while balancing our things, here’s what our breakfast look like:

That is a honeyed milkfish with fried egg and brown rice. Since we are hungry and since it seems our two guides are mute, we just tried to eat our breakfast. I somehow expect our guides to tell us about the islands that we see from the horizon. The same way that Manong Joy have been when we had the Sagbayan Peak tour. But I guess these two guides hate their jobs.  And also, they don’t seem to like us too. Don’t like working for outsiders I guess. They didn’t even offer us life vests! And the sea was crazy ‘coz of the rain that was brought in the night before. Hayy..

We were already near the Balicasag Island when one of them spoke up and said that since it rained last night, we can no longer see any dolphins. I want to shout at him and say, “Well, you should have told us earlier when we were almost trying to dip our heads in the water and imagining we’ve seen some dolphins!!! And perhaps if you weren’t late in fetching us, we would have some greater chance of seeing them!”. But of course I didn’t say anything. We both don’t know how to swim and they got the key to the life vest locker. Oh well (again). We docked in Sagbayan beach and was told that the best thing to do there is to do some snorkeling. They would guide us but for an extra charge. But given their lack of interest in our safety, we declined. They looked more grouchy after that. Well I wouldn’t be risking my life going under the sea with those guys as our guide. We just ended up exploring the beach instead.

After we got tired of wandering around and getting sun burned, we went to one of those stalls and ordered our lunch. We chose crabs and squids.  During the weight, we were advised that the crabs are no longer good and was instead offered some prawns. As if we have a choice, we just went with the prawns. We were served grilled squid and some buttered prawns. The kind of cooking is not nice. Good thing the prawns were fresh and it was really meaty and juicy. Otherwise, the cooking was a blah.

After lunch, we left and boarded the boat again. We went to Virgin Island. It was a really nice piece of island. There’s a long stretch of sand and you can see the sea on both side. It would have been better if there are less hawkers trying to offer pearls and sea urchins. I mean there’s nothing wrong with offering your wares to tourists but to be bugging and telling them sad stories so you would buy? Not good. We just tried as much as we could the view that is upon us.

That was the end of our trip. The view was great. The guides were bad. The food was mediocre. Over all, if given the choice, I’d rather stay in Bohol bee farm and skip the trip. I’d just play table tennis, some billiards, soak in the swimming pool, eat and sleep. I’m sure it would be a better day. Oh well.

By the way, the guides? Tip? Zilch!


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