Bohol Trip (Sagbayan Peak Tour)


The official start of our tour in Bohol started on the second day. The first on our 3 day itinerary is the Sagbayan Peak Tour.  Me and my sister were fetched from Bohol Bee Farm. Our driver/tour guide is Mang Joy (hope I got that right) is one jolly person who lives in Bohol and have given us lots of information about the places that we visit.

Our first stop is the Hinagdanan Cave. I like that place. It is just small but I like how it looks like. The thought I had when I visited it is that it would be a nice location for a shooting. 🙂 The water itself is like that of the one in Harry Potter movie where Dumbledore and Harry went to this cave where they tried to get one of the horcrux. While staring at the water, I was waiting for hands to surface. Lol..Well, I very much would like to post pictures of it in here. But unfortunately, the memory disk in my digicam have malfunctioned and all my pictures in that place was ruined. Can’t recover it with any application I’ve found over the net. 😦

After the hinagdanan cave, we went to one of small zoo. The name of which I cannot remember since I was still stressed with what happened with my memory card. There are ostrich, lots of snakes, owls, reptiles.. Owls.. Reminds me of Hedwig. Lol. Again, no pictures since my digicam was rendered useless.

When we left the min zoo, we went straight to Mag Aso Falls.  Now this is one very nice place. You will just enjoy to be seeing the falls. If I knew that I could take a dip in here, I would have brought a swim wear. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to research about this so we just tried to enjoy the scenery and envy those who were wading in the waters. Our guide, Mang Joy, told us that the name Mag Aso came from the fact that when the water from the falls hit the rocks beneath it, it creates a splash that looks like smoke. Aso as far as I know is a local term that means smoke. Here are the pics (all pics moving forward on this post is from my handy dandy cellphone).

Trail going down the falls

Mag Aso Falls

On the other side.. (Breath taking!)

There were a lot of foreigners during our visit there so I was not able to take as much pictures as I want to. I don’t want them to think I’m interested in taking pics of them and, I don’t wan’t them showing up in my pictures with their skimpy swimming attires.  (It’s an itsy tiny winy yellow polka dot bikini.. ) 🙂

After staying for a bit in the place just listening to the falls, we proceeded and went to the Punta Cruz Watch Tower. As Mang Joy says, most of the towers were built to warn the town of any enemies approaching the island. That is why most of then towers were located overlooking the sea. In today’s time, those towers will not pass as towers since most of them are only 3 floors in height. But I guess during those times, they are already considered giant infrastructures.

Facade of the Punta Cruz Watch Tower

Mountain View from Punta Cruz Watch Tower

View of the sea from the Punta Cruz Watch Tower

Back of Punta Cruz Watch Tower

Looking out


After this, we went ahead and had a long drive going to the Sagbayan Peak. During the long ride, I noticed how often it is that I see a “kapilya”. This are small worship houses that are smaller compared to a chapel. Most have signs indicating the family who donated the structure and the “sitio” that it covers. Mang Joy says that most Boholano’s are religious. If the kapilyas are of any indication, I would readily agree.

Sagbayan Peak as the name suggests is on the peak. When we stopped on the parking area, we still had to  walk up for around 10 meters up. On the entrance, we were greeted by Dinosaurs. A big T Rex was there threatening to eat us. Lol. Well of course they are just statues but they are good ones. Not the run of the mill kind. The view from the top is really really nice. Made me feel bad again for not having a functioning digicam.  😦 Anyways, my trusty handy dandy tried to capture the beauty of Sagbayan Peak.

Dinosaurs @ Sagbayan Peak

Entrance to Sagbayan Peak

View at the top

Upclose and personal with a “disqualified” chocolate hills. Mang Joy says that if the hill has any tree or any kind of structure on it, it is not counted as one of the chocolate hills. During the time that government had yet to regulate the lands where the hills are located, some people were able to have the lands titled. They built houses or planted trees on the hills.

We had our lunch in the restaurant up in Sagbayan Peak.  We had sinigang na hipon, barbeque and crispy liempo. Their sinigang is the best I’ve tasted ever. It has all sorts of veggies. Even bell pepper! It’s sourness is just right with a hint of sweetness that perhaps came from the fresh veggies or the hipon itself. Yummy! We just had to order coffee afterward to soothe our bulging tummies.

After the great great lunch, we were told by Mang Joy to enter this big cagelike structure on the foot of Sagbayan Peak.  He said that he have already talked to the caretaker. We really don’t know what he meant but when we entered, the caretaker let us hold a Tarsier!! It was really small. Like 3 of them could easily fit in my hand. And they are quite fragile to the touch. They’ve got soft fur. Really cute! Later, I was told that guests in Bohol are prohibited to touch them ‘coz they get upset easily and may just commit suicide. Ahhhmm.. hope the one I held didn’t do anything. He looked happy when we left him. Wide eyes and all. 🙂

That was the last part of the trip for that day. On our way back to Bohol Bee Farm, Mang Joy was kind enough to grant our request to go to one of the malls so that I may get a new memory card for my digicam. And to get dinner too! 🙂

Ahh.. a tip on buying “pasalubongs” from Bohol. If you are gonna buy shirts, specially the white ones, better to buy at the Mall. We already bought some outside Hinagdanan cave but when we went to the mall, it was cheaper and had better quality. Same with the peanut kisses. Oh well, we just thought of it as helping our kababayan’s in their small businesses..

Next part, Island Hopping.


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