Bohol Trip!!! (Bohol Bee Farm)


It’s time!! The long awaited trip to Bohol have finally came. Last October 7, my sister and I went to start our Bohol vacation which was set to be for 5 days and 4 nights, with Bohol Bee Farm as the place we opted to stay.

Day 1 (October 7) – Our flight was scheduled to depart at 12 noon so we got to the airport before lunch. Upon checking in, I encountered a bit of a glitch when I was advised by the Cebu Pacific personnel in the check in counter that umbrellas are not allowed in the hand carry baggage. I was like, “What??? Since when??”. Just a few weeks before this trip when I went to Singapore, I had an umbrella on my hand carry luggage. Weird!! Anyways, the CebPac girl was accommodating enough and just advised me to check in my umbrella without any charge. Thus the story of the smallest bag on the baggage carousel. 🙂

Once checked in, we had our lunch at the mini stop located inside the NAIA 3. Sister bought some hotdog sandwich while I opted for some steamed pork buns. After the mini lunch, we went directly to the departure area and waited for our plane. On the plane, sister of course got the window seat. After an hour or so, we were in Tagbilaran airport. It was my first time to be in this airport and may I say, it doesn’t look like one. Hehehhe. It was small and looks more like a cargo area with an extra strip of land. Oh but well, we landed safely anyways and the airport is not one of the tourist destinations I have in mind in Bohol. Upon exiting the airport area, I immediately saw this manong holding out a sign saying Bohol Bee Farm. We approached him and said we are visitors of their place. He immediately got our bags and without any word, we proceeded to the waiting SUV and started our ride going to the farm. I guess he stil haven’t had lunch thus he is not that friendly. Bohol bee farm is located in a secluded area wherein you would have to pass a few meters of rough road before arriving there.Upon arrival, we just registered and was directed to our room. We were only supposed to be staying in the barn room but was informed that there is an on going company activity and we might find it a bit noisy. They gave us the carrot room instead. Why was it called that? Look and see:

Need I say more?? 🙂

Since we already got there at around 3 PM, we opted to have our late lunch first. We ordered honey glazed chicken. It was served with brown rice with camote bits and a salad side dish that has flowers on it. Cool!!! I’ve seen this in the net before and I was excited to taste it. I also ordered lemon grass juice (feeling healthy) while my sister opted for a fresh coconut juice. Here’s what we got:
While waiting for our orders, we were treated with a complimentary cabcab crackers with chopped green tomato and parmesan cheese as appetizers. They have also served a sampling of their camote bread with mango spread and pesto spread. All delicious!!

I’d say that was one hefty meal that we have truly enjoyed. I liked all the things that were served except for the lemongrass drink. The taste was too strong to my liking and it was served in a not so cold (more of lukewarm) water. Other than that, I’d say I loved that late lunch.

After lunch, we went back to our room and freshened up so we can take a walk around the farm. Bohol bee farm is such an eye candy. It will make you feel at home and relaxed. The dining area where we had our lunch is located at the pool side. And there’s a lot of dogs roaming around while we were eating. But they are so friendly and looks healthy.

All around the farm, your eyes will feast on “art projects”

This is just the place where we stayed. Amazing… but wait, there’s more! Much much more to see in Bohol. That’s for the next post. 🙂


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