Travelling Alone (First Time!)


I was having a busy week and then came the call. I was being asked (ordered, I think) to attend a conference in Singapore.

Going to Singapore. Alone. Hhmmmm, okay. No choice.  And the stress for the trip begins.

It will be a one day event so they were thinking that I only need to spend one night in there. And so I worked under that premise. A memo was made to ask for a budget for my trip. It was approved. And then I found out, I would need to spend 2 nights in Singapore since the flights are either too late or too early to the effect that I would either have to be late at the conference or leave too early. And so I had to look for a budget hotel that could still fit the budget that I got. I chose Victoria Hotel ‘coz it meets my budget and it is not that far from the venue of the conference which is at Mandarin Oriental.

And so the rest of the week was filled with fitting in the planning for the trip. Had to know how I’d get to my hotel from the airport. How I’d get to the conference from my hotel. How I’d get back. Where would I be eating. How, what, where, when. Lol. Lots of question that I would like to get an answer before I even set foot in the airport. Thanks to google map and street directory, I got all the info I got.

Come the faithful day of my first trip alone. To be honest, I’m a bit anxious. I’m okay with traveling alone if it is local. But international? A bit anxious. Lol. I came to the airport just in time to clear my bags, get my ticket, pay for the travel tax and a few more minutes to have some lunch. If you can call that lunch. I wasnt able to eat much coz it tastes ewe. Then I boarded the plane going to Singapore. Good thing I got the window seat.

The plane landed on time and off I go thru immigration and to the arrival area. I immediately looked for the airport shuttle service that can take me to my hotel for only SGD9 as compared to getting a cab which will cost me at least SGD30. And I found it. Yey! I waited for like 15 minutes for the shuttle to arrive. After around 20 minutes, I got to my hotel. I checked in and freshen up a bit so I can meet up with my friend who will be treating me to a dinner. Here’s a look at the hotel.

The hotel also gave a complimentary chocolate. It was okay. I ate all of it since I am already getting a headache coz it is already 7 PM and the last time I ate was at 1230 PM.

After an hour, me and my friend went to Ruffles Mall to have dinner. I had some spicy beef ramen. Really good but was a huge serving so I only got to eat half of it.

I also buy some donuts for the next day since the hotel package doesnt include breakfast. I bought two donuts – choco caviar and blue berrymore

After the dinner, we went to the Esprit store and since my friend got a discount card and some items are on sale, I took the opportunity to buy a new bag for me and a wallet for my sister. Total cost is only SGD69. Regular price was SGD 150.

After the dinner and shopping I went back to my hotel to get my much needed sleep. I woke up early to have 2 cups of coffee and consume my donuts. I plan to take the bus since it is much more cheaper and I want to experience and check if I can use the public transport without getting lost. Lol. It seems I was early since I was the only one in the bus.

Along the way, I did get to see that the main street already have barricades in them in preparation for the F1 race.

Alas, I see the venue of the conference  – Mandarin Oriental.

I got to the conference venue and got myself registered. Got my handouts and freebies and looked for a chair. Apparently, I’m an early bird.  Here’s a look of the conference room. Boring. I know. But this kind of arrangement made it easier to have discussions.

The conference itself is a bit dragging. And perhaps since I attended a 3 day conference that discusses the same topic more extensively, I didn’t find the topic any more helpful. Right after the conference, I no longer attended the socials since I do not drink and because I have an early flight the following day. I again took the bus to go back to the hotel. I alighted to a near bus stop which is also near a hawker food place. Hhmm I did try to eat there but I cannot take the smell. Ahhmm some nationalities have this certain smell with them. Maybe its what they eat. I’m sure they also hate the way we carnivorous people smell. Oh well. Since I cannot bear to eat there, I went back to Ruffles mall and ate at the same place where my friend took me. This time, I had some shiromifish omu rice, salmon on a stick, and prawn rolled in bacon. Yummy. I know. Lol. It’s a celebration for my survival in this solo trip.

After that meal, I went on to buy another set of donuts for the next days breakfast. I bought tiramisu and heavenly berry. Yummy with coffee!

Now I know I can travel alone. Hhhmmm.. Maybe I’d try it again. This time for pleasure and not business. 🙂


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