Cooking (Again!)


I cooked again! Not by choice this time. More of because nobody else is there to cook it. Hheehhehe. Nanay and brother was out to attend a birthday party. Tatay was attending some kind of a meeting with the elders. Sister was taking care of my niece. So its up to me to cook the family’s lunch. I cooked ginisang munggo (sauteed monggo beans)!

First, I boiled the beans till it is almost mushy.

I then put that aside. I sautéed garlic,onion and tomato. Then I added smoked fish flakes and some of the boiled pork meat.

Once done with the saute, I put it on the boiled monggo. Put in some pepper and fish sauce. Once done, I turned off the stove, put in the pork crackling and leaf of bittergourd. It was good!!!!! I know it doesn’t look good but it is very yummy!!!!

I know now for a fact that I can cook. Hhhmmm might do some more of that soon. Hehehhehe. As long as I have willing victims!


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