Cooking… (I tried!)


I’ve never been good at cooking. Never been. Ever. Never. Lol.  My cooking skill cannot match my love for eating. But whenever I could and there are not much contradicting forces near me, I try to cook. My first recipe, the complicated, very hard to cook, tortang talong (a.k.a. eggplant omelette. 🙂

Well you just need some eggplants, egg, spices and oil for frying. Simple steps for a yummy dish. (1) Roast eggplant and remove skin; (2) Scramble eggs and put in spices; (3) Dip the eggplant in the beaten egg then fry. Tadaahhh tortang talong. Heheheheh.

My second attempt of cooking is again, so simple. My dear brother wont like to eat some simple waffles so I made him hotdog waffles. It’s just your basic waffle with a hotdog being hugged in between. Lol. It’s really good. Moist in the inside and the hotdog? It’s not oily ‘coz I just boiled it. Healthy. Lol. Well the only thing is I didnt use a waffle maker to cook. ‘Coz  I’m too lazy to clean the waffle maker. So it’s the usual pan. Lol. Here’s how the finish product look like.

I would say my cooking is a success. It’s almost night and nobody have complained of tummy ache. Heheheh. Plus brother loved the waffle I made him.

Happy Chow!!!


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