travel… ilocos!


When I was at my first job, travelling only happens for me when there’s an official function wherein I am  needed. Back then, I cannot afford a vacation much more to travel to places that I really long to see. One time we had this “awards night” to be done in Ilocos. Ilocos! That’s like one of the places that is on top of my list to visit. I normally am not a part of the Awards Night secretariat. The secretariats are the one who take care of the event. Manning the registration, acting as ushers, basically slaving to make sure that the companies officers, guests and awardees are pampered and taken well care of. That’s why I don’t go. I am slaved enough at the office and I am not too fond of the idea of being a slave in another location. But well, this is Ilocos. Slavery is open if that’s the only option for me to go with the secretariat. Problem is, not being a regular secretariat, I am not “invited” to attend the function. So what I did? I let it slip to my then boss that I like to go to Ilocos. And walaaa… I am part of the secretariat. Lol. That decision from the boss caused quite a buzz with the Manangs. But to hell with them, I’m going to Ilocoos. Lol.

This happened, March of 2005. I’ve got a lot of photos of the place but back then my only camera is a manual camera that uses films. And most of the pictures are not yet scanned so I’m using pics here from Manang L.

The trip started on a long van ride going to Ilocos. We had breakfast at Jollibee which is the only branch in the city. I would have preferred to have a local breakfast but we need receipts for reimbursement so we had to go to a fast food chain. After breakfast, we went straight to Pagudpud beach. Before the main event of Awards Night, we will be having some activities for the attendees. Like a mini sportsfest. We dug in the beach setting up some activities for the attendees. Right after, we did a lot of picture-taking. W, who is a photo enthusiast got this really good camera and we were his subject. Made us do various poses that turned out real great. The one with the sunset and all. After that, we retired for the day.

The next day, we had the event. Man, was I burned real bad. Had to take care of the activities. Was a hectic but fun day. After that event, we went to Fort Ilocandia. Such a grand hotel. Here’s a picture of it I got from the web.

And this is the fountain that was taken by Manang L during the buffet dinner we had.

The group also had a tour of the city but unfortunately, the secretariat was not included coz we had to stay at the hotel to prepare for the awarding ceremony. We however was able to get a bit of a tour at the end. We went to Governor Singson’s mansion. I think they call it Baluarte. It was such a great place to see. All those animals… I even got to touch an Iguana.. Then there’s this really small white horse, a lot of ostrich and I think 4 or 5 tigers! They are really plump and healthy! Hayy, too bad I didn’t have a digicam during those days.

We also got to see this old houses.. and eat empanada!!! Vigan empanada was really different. You put in vinegar to eat it. Here’s a pic of it (again, from the web).

Here’s the place that I like the most in Vigan. I got a picture here but wasn’t able to scan it so again, I googled it away.

What a great place no? I so love old houses and so this place is like heaven for me. Hey, be? You see this place? We’re going again here okay? Lol.

Ilocos, nice place!!!


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