mahaba habang kainan….


I know, it’s supposed to be mahaba habang inuman.. That phrase would mean that there’s a lot of things that needs to be discussed. But for us non drinkers, SMB equals Mang Inasal. Lately, whenever we find ourselves having a hell day or at worse, a hell week, at the end o the day, we find ourselves lining up to get those juicy grilled chicken at Mang Inasal. We talk, complain, rant all thru out the stretched dinner helped out by the unlimited rice and unlimited soup provided by the place.

Friday night was one of those days. We find ourselves yet again in our own “conference” place. R who had been in one of my earlier posts had already decided to leave the company. Got himself a better work in another city. Better pay, shorter hours and hopefully a not so dictator of a boss. Of course we wish him well. But still, it’s kinda sad. ‘Casue we had formed a certain bond. Loosing one of the link is really sad. Hopefully, he would have a better life there. Mang Inasal dinners – always a bitter-sweet event.


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