I’ve always believed in karma.. What goes around comes around.. Good karma and bad karma..

Today, we had an unexpected visitor. My grandmother on my father side. She came straight from Pampanga. Now let me tell you a bit about her. Hhhmmm… How do I put it? Hhhhmm.. Ahhh I’d say it the only way I know how. Straight up and no sugar added. Lol. She’s not so fond of us when we were young. Treats us more of a nuisance. Before, I think when she sees us, she hears “cashinggg”. Money gone for her. Cause we always represent a cost center for her.

I’ve got not so fond memories of her. When I was young I would be asked to go on vacation at the province. Why? Not because I need good fresh air since I have asthma. Not because I need to relax until the opening of the next school day. It’s because it would help lessen the family expenses if there is less mouth to feed. So off I go to the province. Whenever I am there, I can feel that they treat me as a burden. Always.

Then the tables turned. I got thru college thru the help of older sister. I got  a good paying job. Now they need my help. Now they are the one at the receiving end. Question is will I be giving. To be honest, I don’t want to give her anything. The way they treat me back then had hurt me. It affected me much when I was growing up.

Today when she visited, I actually told bebe that I don’t want her here. I won’t be giving her money. But then she asked. With her old, worrisome, tired face. I give in. I gave her money.  Then I realize, I have hated the way she treated me then. Doing the same thing is not correcting anything. Why do something that you hate to be done to you. A few bucks won’t stop me from doing what is right. I think I’m a good soul. Despite of.


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