bonding with bro….


It’s always hard to ask my brother to go out with me.. He is a special child.. And he is special to me. 🙂  Before, the easiest way to convince him to go out is if you tell him of a new place to eat or a new menu in one of his favorite restos. But then we had the made the mistake of introducing the wonders of  “food delivery”. Now if something new comes out, he expects us to just ask for it to be delivered here at home so he won’t have to go out.. Lazy boy.. Hehehehe..

Today is a different story.. I convinced him with another thing he likes most.. A radio! 🙂 Told my brother that I we should go to the mall so I could buy him a new one. So off we go!

First stop is to Savory restaurant.. To celebrate the fact that i finally convinced him to go out, I ordered his favorite dishes..

He enjoyed it quite good. I was of course attending to him while he eat so I wasn’t able to eat. When he was finished and I tried to eat, he kept on pulling me out of my chair.. Lol. Excited to get his new radio. Oh well, baby brother… I can eat some other time.. Lol..

So off we went to get his radio. He just choose one with an AM and FM receiver. He got his favorite stations that he listen to. He bought a Pensonic Neo radio.

It was just a short trip. But it sure is worth it.

Brother is happy.



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