I have bought a water bottle that I like so much coz it has a straw and a cap. Very nice to use on the gym coz you really don’t have to stop running just so you can take a sip. I’ve used it for a while now. I don’t just use it for water.. I put iced tea on it… fruit juices… and even energy drink.. I’m a baby and its my sippy cup. 🙂
Now, for a while now, I’ve been smelling the bottle and it smells weird. I do clean it everyday. But for some reason it really does smell hhmmm moldy… So what I did is take the straw out, use a tissue to like floss it to make sure i get any dirt that may have stuck in the inside…. Used lots of dishwashing liquid to wash the straw and the bottle and the cap. Then I put hot water and let it stay like that overnight.. Then the morning after, I rinse it again with dishwashing liquid and still… smells like mold. And then that’s when I realized! There’s a small straw attached in the cap itself!!! That’s the only part I haven’t scrutinized! So i pulled it off and lo and behold!

Hayyy it was bad.. My stomach rumbled and said in this belief, “You sip thru that you $+@#^ girl!”.. It’s a nightmare!!! So what I did is floss it using tissue…Wash it with lots of dishwashing liquid… Rinse if lots of time.. And I smell it.. still bad! So of course, I thought of sssuuuppperrrrr BAKING SODA.

I just got this brand for only Php 11.00 pesos and it worked wonders with the smell. Just sprinkled a bit on the cap, straw and bottle it self. Let is stay there  for a few minutes, rinse, then voila! Squeaky clean bottle.  Smells fresh too!

I love my sippy bottle!



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