It’s one of those days…I feel old.. Exhausted… Nothing is going right… I simply missed out in life….Bummer.

I guess it’s natural. (I will believe it is a natural feeling felt by all one time or another.. ‘coz if it’s only me… Bummer) As usual when I feel this way, I try to stop myself from feeling so down. Look around me and see what good things I have.. Hhhmmm… let’s see… I’ve got…. Hhhmmm… Bummer.

I remember when I used to feel like this and I was still working in another city, what I would normally do is to take a different route. I don’t take the train. I take the jeep. It’s a longer ride that just let me think things over. I can just stare outside while on my long trip home. I just let my mind wander.Too bad I can no longer do that now. I work in a different city and I am already going thru the long route. Plus, I need to psych up myself. So can’t have time to let my mind wander. Bummer.

Ahhh tomorrow would be work again.. Need to wear my mask and my bulletproof vest.

I know I can survive this. It’s just one of those days.



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