money is the root of all evil…


… and it gets more evil when used for gambling!

When a couple decides to be married and have children, it is a given that they are also deciding and accepting the fact that each one will have a role to play in the family. Under the traditional set up, the father will be the provider and the mother will take care of the whole family. Of course, in today’s time, the roles may interchange. But the fact remains that each one should have a responsibility.

If you have a responsibility, you are bound to do it cause it is your duty. People around you shouldn’t “owe” it to you for doing your job. You shouldn’t expect to get “interest” from  your family members coz you did your job.

That being said, money should never ever ever ever be expected for doing your duties. It is not the responsibility of everyone around you to pay you. And if they give you money out of good will, use it as you wish. But don’t $@#$@#@#$#%%$^ spend it on gambling and then get bitter for not having any more of it.

Gambling is bad. Gambling with others money is evil. Evil to the core, when you start pestering a lot of people just because you don’t have any more money to gamble.


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