There comes a time in a person’s life that you will just have enough. This sometimes lead to strong reactions that lead to drastic decisions. I have this rule in life. Just because it is only “done once”, it should be considered okay.

“You should let it pass, it only happened once.”

“Maybe they didn’t mean it… ”

“Perhaps its just a bad day.”

Those kind of quotes? It doesn’t work for me. I’m not the kind to pretend that it’s all okay when I feel that I have been offended.  I’d rather be known as someone with a strong opinion rather than a kind, understanding (but boiling inside) person.  When someone steps beyond their boundaries, when someone offends you, when someone treats you badly, you should speak up. Do not let it pass. Let them know that you have been hurt. Nobody has the right to make you feel bad and get away with it. Whether its your parents. Your boss. Your siblings. Your partner. You should speak up.

I feel for those who don’t have the guts to react. Well, some are downright cowardly. But this person, let’s call him C, is just too nice and too much of a martyr. C, as I was fully informed during friday evening’s dinner, had been treated not so kindly by his boss. When he gets a personal call, the boss would immediately (and loudly) tell him that the work he is doing is a rush job.  Read: Get off the phone and work. Even if  the boss would be heard by the whole cubicle talking to her husband about what they did the night before. And no, it was not a wholesome topic. When there’s a lot of work to be done, he’d be informed that the report is needed the earliest possible time on a Monday. Read: Go to work on a Saturday or even Sunday. Of course she herself will be nowhere to be found. And when poor C had to tell the boss that he can’t go to work ‘coz he is sick, the answer is  “K is also on leave today.” Read: No, you have to be here ‘coz the other staff is not here. Hayyy.. Then a barrage of text messages telling C he is not performing as expected. Etc. etc. etc.. How cruel is that???

C’s reaction? File a resignation. Hayyyy…

So you see? When it stings, say ouch! Or else the brainless wasp will think you’re enjoying it. Or worse, it will think it has the right to sting you everytime it feels like it.

Better yet, don’t just say ouch. Swat that $!@$@%^^@!! wasp!


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