fat… food… fasting… fainting.. (part 4)


Day 5 – 20 oz. of Beef and 6 tomatoes
That’s the only items your supposed to eat.. Hhhmmm.. I actually had a harder time eating the beef. Reason? I don’t like beef that much AND I am the one who cooked. šŸ™‚ Since I do not want to impose upon the whole household for cooking separately for what I am allowed to eat, I cooked the beef myself. I bought lean ground beef and turned it into small burger patties with only onion as ingredient and very minimal seasoning. The other part, I sauteed. It tastes sooo bad. Lol. Good thing I love tomatoes.

Day 6 – Beef and Veggies (eat all you can)

But I can’t!!! Not ‘coz I am again the one who cooked. I already asked tatay to cook for me. It’s more of because you just get too bored with the kind of food you could eat and the fact that I try my best not to eat food with too much seasoning so most of my food is blanddddd. Nevertheless, I can survive! Just one more day!!!!


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