fat… food… fasting… fainting.. (part 3)


My day 3 ended with mango for dinner.  I did not bother to boil the okra since I just feel I’m okay. I am actually tired when I arrived at home.  I was standing in the bus for like 20 minutes on my way home. And prior to that,  I decided to stock up on the succeeding days food group. I bought some lean beef, tomatoes and milk. I just don’t know why I did not buy some bananas. And so I face the consequences the following day.

Day 4- Bananas and milk only

On all the days of the diet for the week, this is the only day that I am afraid of. Basically ‘coz I don’t like milk ‘coz it makes my tummy queasy thus leaving my option to only bananas. In the morning, given that I did not buy any bananas the day before, I just had some warm milk for breakfast. On my way to work, I buy from those hawkers selling boiled saba. The saba is kind of depressing! It’s undercooked! I guess they really cook it that way so as to make sure that they can still re boil it if they were not able to sell it all. So the morning passed with me eating two of those half cooked bananas. Come lunch, I slept a bit then went down to buy some real nice bananas. Got some nice once from Dole.  So that’s already 3 for me. Diet says I can eat up to 8. Hhhmmm.. Don’t think I’d eat all. Lol…

So for Day 4, (which I consider the tough part), again, done!



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