fat… food… fasting… fainting.. (part 2)


On the end of Day 2, I was feeling okay. At least not into the verge of fainting. So I guess that’s good news.
Day 3 – Veggies and Fruits (except potato and banana)
Today I started out with mango and black coffee for breakfast. Was not the ideal breakfast for me since I eat much heavier breakfast on weekdays given that I am getting ready to rumble at work.  So today’s breakfast choice was peppered with will power and a dash of self constraint. The day started out okay. I got to work without any untoward incident. Though I did get a bit worried about the numerous steps in the pathway.
I just finished lunch too and I had some string beans. AM snack was half an apple, the other half is reserved for the PM snack.  I guess for dinner, I’d have to make do with some steamed okra again.
I’d say I’m okay given that I am being able to work normally so the brain is still functioning. HHmmmmm.. I think I could say I’m better than okay given that I just spent a lot of my energy getting pissed off with a @$%#$%@#$%^@#^! person.

So day 3? It’s a done deal. 🙂


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