fat…. food…. fasting…. fainting…


I got fat. It is that simple. I wear my office blouses and the bulge just shows. I can still hide it by the all mighty “stomach in” command but I can’t do it the whole day. It hurts. Hehehehehe. I’m looking at my pictures last year of the same month and I can see that I really got huge. Hhhmmm by my standards at least.  I attribute this weight gain with being in love. Hehheheh. Bebe is just sweet.  Well,  I watch my weight closely. It’s both for health and vanity reason.

Health – my family (on both sides) have all the weight related diseases. Heart problem, diabetes, hypertension, rheumatism, high uric acid. You name it, we got it. 🙂 Thus, I’m trying to make sure that I get them later later later later in life. Not now. I’m too young. Ehem ehem.  Vanity – I’m not that tall and if I keep my weight up, I’d look like a mascot. Cute if its really just a a mascot. But not good if your a person.

I have been going to the gym but I had been skipping a lot lately. There are just two reasons – I get sick or I am way to busy. Both of which had been happening a lot lately. So I take another step of loosing my excess pounds – General Motors Diet.

Its a seven day progra wherein you only get to eat a specific set of food and its supposed to make you loose 5 to 7 kilos once you are done. When I contemplated doing it last week, I thought, how hard can it be? My usual diet is restraining myself from eating. And this one lets you eat as long as it is within the classified food for the day. So I did a go for it.

When I decided last friday that I’d start during this weekend, I already listed the things I’d be buying from the grocery. But when it was time to go home, the high heavens poured out and we had our first heavy rains after almost 4 months of sweltering heat. Since I was thinking that I would be wading in flood on my way home, I decided against going to the grocery. It’s easier to float in the flood without thinking of having to protect my groceries from contamination. 🙂 Hell I say, even if I’m not stocked up, I’d start the diet.

Day 1 – Eat fruits only. Except bananas. You can eat to your hearts content as long as you only eat fruits.

Day 1 you would need all the will power you have. I thought its quite simple coz  its a diet wherein you get to eat. What’s hard for me though is the breakfast part. I always eat heavy breakfast. For me, that’s a must. But given that I was  not able to buy my supplies for the week-long diet, I had to wait for nanay to come home from the market. So for breakfast, I had melons with black coffee. Lunch is mango and apple. Snack is grapes. Dinner, none.  The whole day, I was weak and I’d say a bit disoriented. Guess my body is trying to adjust to the “torture” I’m giving it.  I actually went to bed around 630 PM.

Day 2 – Veggies only.

I woke up okay. I was thinking I’d wake up feeling really really weak but I did not. But when I started doing my chores without having any breakfast (again, waiting for dear nanay), I did feel weak. Not dizzy though. Just weak. And nanay took some time before getting back from the market. I was awake at 630 AM and did not get to eat breakfast till 9 AM. For breakfast, one is supposed to get baked potatoes but instead I get boiled corn. Without the creamy butter and salt. Just plain corn with black coffee. As soon as the corn hit my digestive system, I got my power back. Thus this post. Hehehehe. My lunch later will consist of boiled okra. Should I get hungry before dinner, I have some potatoes. Dinner would be some boiled string beans. And all thru out the day, at least 3 liters of water.

I’m only on my 2nd day but I think I will survive this diet. What I like about it also is its suppose to detoxify you. And I think I’ve got enough toxin in my body to build a chemical weapon. Heheheheh..

So that’s 2 days of GM diet. I’d check back for the succeeding days and the (hopefully, fingers crossed) good results.

Chow! 🙂


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