election 2010!


What at day!!!! I’m quite sure that I have burned the same amount of calories just by lining up to cast my vote as compared to my 40 minute routine in the gym. And as I have posted on my facebook, it was a mistake to bring a hanky. I should have brought a towel! I started in the line at about 1:00 PM and was only able to get to my precinct by 3:30 PM! From what I’ve heard from friends and from what was being reported in TV, I was actually fortunate to have just spent 2 and a half hour in the line.  One of my friend texted me and said it was his worst election ever. Getting in line by 8 AM and was only able to vote by 2:30 PM.  I’m sure he is quite upset, he’s not the type to skip lunch. Heheheheheh.

Oh well, after all the waiting, gallons of perspiration and several calories burned, I was able to cast my vote. I have done my responsibility to my country and I made sure my opinion counted.

I hope this election would make a difference….


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