memory lane…


I don’t know what it is with me this past few days. I’ve been craving for food that I have eaten way back when I was in my younger days. Mind you, I’m not that old. Hehehhehe…

Just last 2 weeks ago, I went to two grocery stores and even the old reliable palengke to look for this kind of biscuit. The one with a small frozen icing on top. I just can’t remember the full name of it but I remember that it has the word gem. And so I bugged my staff, asking them if they know where I can find it. But none of them are aware of any place to get them. Then the week before, while doing my laundry, on a Saturday, I heard the distinct sound of  “kleng kleng kleng kleng”.  I quickly looked outside but it wasn’t what I was expecting. I thought it was the all time Filipino favorite – sorbetes. Well it is some vendor selling ice drops and he was using the same small bell that the mamang sorbetero use. The following day, in the midst of the fight of Mayweather, I went downstairs and there it is.. an ice cream cart that  is right outside our gate. The only problem is Nanay can’t find the sorbetero. Apparently he is engrossed watching the fight over the big screen that was provided by the baranggay. So I went upstairs with a heavy heart, sigh…Then a few minutes after, nanay was calling me. She found the sorbetero and was able to get me a few scoops with my favorite sweet apa (cone).

Here’s the sorbetes, a few seconds before I devoured it.

Early last week, I got another nice surprise. My trainee found the biscuit I’ve been looking for! It was called iced gem biscuits! I of course happily have one for my AM snack. Here it is.

Finding two food I like,  launched me into a craving yet again. This time I was looking for a suman. Not the one made with rice but the one made with kamoteng kahoy or the one that is purple. I always call it sumang kamoteng kahoy and sumang ube (though the latter is not made with ube crop).  Just last thursday, I went to the grocery trying to find any of those suman. Of course, I failed.  On my way home that day, I remembered some vendors lined up near the overpass going to office. I remember for sure seeing someone selling some suman. I am not yet sure if it is the kind that I am looking for but, what the heck. I need that suman!

Come friday, I made it a point that I pass by the line of vendors and lo and behold. There it was. A lone vendor with a lone piece of suman. I did not buy. Reason? First of all, I don’t feel good buying left overs. Second, I’m quite sure it is not the suman I was looking for. It is round not flat. It was covered by a light-colored leaf and not the dark one. Sad.

Going into the long holiday, I woke up early, excited. Of course it has nothing to do with the suman but with bebe. A very different story that I would someday talk about.  (Love you Be!) Anyways, my craving still exist. So I asked Nanay if she could find one in the market. And of course, she did!! My beloved Nanay saved the day. Hehehehe.  She got me the sumang ube which now I know is named Marweko. I just googled it now and apparently it is from the province of Bulacan.

Hhmm thinking about it, I think all this craving  started with finding this local and “old” fruits in the market. Duhat, sinigwelas, and kamatsile.. Oh well, I love my past as I love my present. All of it. Including the food. Hehehehe.


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