Araw Ng Mga Ina….


It’s that time of the year wherein we celebrate Mother’s all over the word. Some say that this celebration was only conceptualized by business minded people to give people another reason to go out and buy gifts and celebrate. Well, I don’t care! I love my Nanay and if it is declared that every first day of the month is mother’s day, I wouldn’t mind.

This mother’s day, I decided that I will not be buying Nanay any gifts. Well, truth be told, I only decided about it last night. Hehehehhe. I just can’t find any material thing to give her. Her birthday was last April 23 and we have just gave her what we sisters think she needs. And so I decided to take her out for lunch.

It seems she enjoyed the short trip. We went to dine in Savory. An old restaurant serving the kind of dishes Nanay is familiar with. Nanay sure is also an old timer when it comes to food. One time we dined in one of my restaurant of choice (a Japanese resto), I never heard the end of it. Hehehehehe. So since it’s her day, she get to choose where to eat. We ordered Miki Bihon ala Binondo (I think she picked this ‘coz of the word Binondo), chopsuey con lechon (this one I’m sure she picked ‘coz of the word lechon), tropical cooler for drinks and buko pandan for dessert. I insisted that we order chicken since that’s the restaurant’s specialty. And so the food was served.

We ate and enjoyed our food. Sure it was just a simple meal. But Nanay and I sure enjoyed it. I treasure this kind of days. A day when Nanay can just chillax and see the fruits of her labor. Love you Nanay!!!!


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