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I finally had a vacation during the official summer of 2010. Place of destination, a not so popular Municipality in the Quezon Province — Padre Burgos. Wikipedia says that it is a 5th class municipality. Should have given me an idea of what I have decided on as my place of recluse.

Whenever I travel, I always make sure that everything is planned. Basically ‘coz it is a vacation. Vacation are meant to be fun and a stress buster and not another item you would wish you haven’t gone to. So I looked up the resort, I paid for the reservation in advance. I researched how to get there, called the bus company, called the resort for more instructions. 6 days before the travel, I listed down all the things I need. 5 days before the travel, I have prepared all the items in the list. So 4 days prior to travel, I was ready to rumble. 🙂

And so the faithful day came. The day I was looking forward to. The day that promises to ease away my accumulated pressures, stressssssss, and angst in life. But one thing is inevitable. My travel buddy. I have no other choice but to be with my sibling. Most of my friends are either unavailable, not so keen on the location, not ready financially, or just too far away. And of course, bebe is on another part of the globe (sob.. sob.. sniff.. sniff).  And since it makes my beloved nanay so uncomfortable of me going away alone in a known NPA infested area, she convinced me to take my sibling.

The trip started with a ride in the light rail transit going to the bus terminal. It was quite uneventful. We were both just carrying one small bag and one medium bag since food is not allowed in the resort. When we got to the terminal, we boarded one going to Lucena Grand Terminal. We were the first one in the bus ‘coz we didnt want to ride the other one that was already about to leave. I ask my companion if she wants to get food before the bus leaves. She says no. Okay, fine with me as I was not a fan of eating before and during a long travel. Traffic was terrible!!! What was supposed to be a 3 hour ride became 5 hours.  I tried to enjoy the long ride. At least I still get to talk to bebe. But it was hard. First, the terrible traffic, second and the actual reason, the whining of my companion. She is hungry. Hayyy oh well.

Finally we reached the Lucena Grand Terminal.  We had our lunch on a Chowking fastfood. I prefer to eat on one of those carinderias ‘coz I want to see what they serve. But my companion is icky about it, so we end up on a fastfood we are familiar with.  My food was served for like 20 minutes late. Even the manager of the fastfood slowly walked out of sight when he sees that I’m getting upset with the waiting. 20 minutes of waiting for a food in a FASTFOOD is just not right. I wouldn’t mind waiting if I am in a first class restaurant where everything is prepared just after you order. Oh well,  I get it and ate it in a manner of minutes since we are already gearing up for another bus ride. This time, it is for the trip going to the municipality where the resort is located.

We first got in a bus that is half way filled. But my companion (again), whines that people will be smoking and it’s too hot (IT IS an ordinary bus). So we got off the bus and looked for a jeep going the same route. We were directed to one lone jeep without a driver and without any other passengers. We just sat there and after a few minutes, she starts whining yet again and asked me to ask around if the jeep would really be going. Tired and irritated, I told her “why don’t you ask your self?” then muttering to myself, “You think I’m your nanny?”. After almost 15 or 20 minutes of waiting, she ask that we go back to the bus. And so we did. And lo and behold. The first bus have already gone and is on its way to Padre Burgos and we have to ride a new one. And take note, we were the first one on it. So we waited for 30 minutes before the bus took off. This is how the bus look like:

Cramped right?? Will make you feel uncomfortable. Now, look at how the driver seat looks like!

Scary isn’t it? Well it turns out we have nothing to be scared about ‘coz the bus is soooooo slooowwww. It took an hour before we get to our destination. Imagine travelling that way in high noon. With the sun in its full glory and with a companion that does nothing but whine. It’s too hot! (IT IS noon and you are in an ordinary bus). The sun is on my face (IT IS because you boxed me out of the window seat). The bus is soo slow (DUUHH. Can’t you see the state of the bus??). After one looongg hour, we got off the bus and took a ride in a tricycle going to the resort. It was just less than a 5 minute ride.

When we get off the ride, we got into the resort (which was far from the gate). We met the owner of the resort who is very accommodating. They only got 2 groups for the day. I guess this has something to do with the fact that their location is sooo far. We got our room which is bali styled. And apparently, my companion didn’t know what a bali style accomodation is. Anyways, we rest first and then changed into more comfy clothes. We walked the shoreline and it was really beautiful. Starting then, I try to shut out all my companion’s whining and try to focus on how good the place is. Food was good too! And when we went out to have our island hopping?? It was the best!!! I’m afraid of boat rides but this one I really enjoy. The water in Dampalitan beach and Borawan beach was so clear that you could see small fishes even if your just in the shoreline. Here’s a few of the pics I took.

Our accommodation

A peek of the beach front

Accommodation for larger groups

And the glorious beach..

Food was good too

All in all, I’d say the beauty of the surroundings, the attentiveness of the staff and the good food fairly made up for the long travel.

Though of course, it would have been very very very very good if I were with bebe. Imagine watching the moon and the stars and the calmness of the sea with bebe. Someday.


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  1. may I know the peace and order situation in Padre Burgos? Planning to drop by there but need to know security situation


    • Hi Don.. Well it’s been a year since I visited the place but when we were there, the place seems okay. I haven’t heard any security issues with the resort owner. I guess if your gonna be visiting the main town proper, there won’t be any problem. Thanks!

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