summer and memories..


Ahhh summmmeerrrr!!!!! Temperature is so high that being out in the sun is a sure way of getting tan or in our case, toasted! Come summer, we always try to find things to cool down. Here’s nanay’s simple but sweet (literally and figuratively) summer escape.
I used to drink this a lot way back when I was at grade school. Nanay and I would usually pass by the market on my way home from school. Gulaman na may gata (Gelatin drink with coconut extract). This one is really good. The coconut extract makes the drink a bit creamy and it counters the sweetness of the vanilla and sugar. Back then, when we started to struggle a bit with our finances, nanay used to make this concoction, put them in freezer to make it into ice candy. Can’t remember how much we sell them. I think one peso each. We also sometimes put either green or red gelatin that makes the finish product pinkish or greenish. Cute to look at, refreshing and of course yummy!

Haaa now I’m craving for another glass!!! Bottoms up!


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