siggghhhh (of relief)


Got it!!! Ahhh I am so happy. Lol. And quite fortunately, I have not experienced any of the horror stories I have seen in other blogs.

I went out of the office around 2:30 pm. On the way to the postal office, I was already thinking of what to do should I encounter some unjust behavior from any of the postal staff. After more than an hour of travel, I finally arrived at the postal office. It was located inside a compound. I got a bit more nervous ‘coz the place looks real old and there was very few people inside. The releasing section of parcels was located deep inside the building. On my way to the releasing section, I passed this really old rows of postal boxes. There was also this very big metal mailbox that I only see in the movies. I was tempted to take a picture but my mind was only focused on getting my parcel.

Alas, I found the office (it’s really almost on the other end of the building). The postal personnel was a guy, around 40 to 50 years old. I got a bit more tense ‘coz I saw this blog wherein the blogger says that his horror story involves an old guy. I walked up to manong postal man and showed the notice I received. He asked me to sit down and asked for my ID. I gave it to him and he immediately opened an official receipt booklet, asked me for Php35 (which is the amount stamped on my postal notice), and that’s it! He looked for my parcel and just asked me to sign a logbook signifying that I have received it. HE WAS COURTEOUS!!! Ahhhh.. all the worrying!  I was so relieved that I think I thanked him so many times. Lol.

Ssooooooo, first of all, apologies for the unjust judgement I have given the postal office personnels. I’m sure there’s indeed some horror stories but to categorize all of them is not right. I guess I got so worked up with all of it.

And now, of course, let me enjoy the parcel. 🙂


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